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Martin Kampmann gassed out "after first round" against Condit

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

In this new age of five-round main events in the UFC, a fighter’s cardio becomes that much more of a "tale of the tape" factor. At UFC Fight Night 27 in Indianapolis, it became a bigger factor than Martin Kampmann would have liked.

In his much-anticipated rematch with Carlos Condit, Kampmann admitted that he simple gassed out early in the fight. Though he made it into the championship rounds in Wednesday’s main event, Kampmann confessed he had nothing left to offer Condit.

"I got the fast start I wanted and got off the bat, but I gassed myself out completely after the first round," he said during the post-fight press conference. "I didn’t feel I had nothing left and I went into survival mode. I felt I was just dead tired after that first round. I could feel Carlos keep pushing a strong pace and I wanted to keep pushing too, but I didn’t have gas in the tank for it.

"And I’ve been working hard on my cardio, I’ve been feeling great. I was going hard five rounds in training and you know, sometimes the adrenaline dump or whatever, but I didn’t have the gas left after the first [round]."

Kampmann succumbed to Condit’s strikes at the 0:54 mark of the fourth round. Condit laid into Kampmann with some knees after a barrage that left him exhausted and beaten. Kampmann has now lost back-to-back fights for only the second time of his career.

When asked if his gassing out had anything to do with his desire to start fast, he didn’t hold any punches.

"I mean, the faster you start the faster you going to get tired," he said. "But, I wanted to come out and start good. I felt good the to start the first round, got the takedowns I wanted. I didn’t get the finish I wanted and I got tired. I couldn’t keep up with the pace he was going at. That’s how he won."

The fight was a rematch from their very close bout in 2009 when Condit was making his UFC debut. That night in Nashville Kampmann won a split decision in a three-round main event.