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UFC notes: Dana White still wants to make an Anderson Silva superfight in 2013

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Whether it is Anderson Silva vs. Georges St-Pierre or Silva vs. Jon Jones, UFC president Dana White is determined to put together a superfight in 2013.

Asked about the possibility at a fan question-and-answer session Friday before the UFC 157 weigh-ins at the Honda Center in Anaheim, Calif., White fielded a question on the possibilities of either of the much-discussed superfights involving the long-time middleweight champion.

"GSP is going to defend his title against Nick Diaz, Anderson Silva will defend his title this summer," White said. "And before the end of this year, we will see a superfight with either GSP and Anderson Silva, or Anderson Silva and Jon Jones. One of them is coming."

While it went unstated at the Q & A, it is known the UFC is looking to book a 20th anniversary show at New York City's Madison Square Garden in November, pending legalization in New York state. Given the timing, a superfight on a historic show in the world's most famous arena would seem to make sense.

St-Pierre defends his welterweight title against Nick Diaz on March 16 in Montreal at UFC 158. Jones defends his light heavyweight title against Chael Sonnen at UFC 159 in Newark in April. And Thursday, White confirmed that the company is looking to book Silva vs. undefeated Chris Weidman over Fourth of July weekend.

Building women's weight classes

White was asked by another fan why the UFC didn't let Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos fight at 145 pounds, her natural weight class, in the UFC. Santos and her manager, Tito Ortiz, asked for and received their release from their Zuffa contract and signed to fight in Invicta FC.

According to White, the UFC is devoting its energy in women's MMA this year to rolling out the bantamweight division, and tried to work out a deal where Santos would fight in Invicta in the interim.

"What we did was, we got Ronda [Rousey], the 135-pound division is stacked with talent, we already signed 10 girls, we're signing five more. We put this fight together. This fight is looking really good, we're doing great. What we did was, we don't have a 145-pound division."

"What I said was, we'll cut this deal with Cyborg, we'll go out and we'll do a deal, she'll have some fights in Invicta, so I can figure out what the hell I'm going to do over here and how this thing is going to work out. They said no, they don't want to sign this deal, they want to be released from this contract, then they went over and signed with Invicta. I mean, what can I do? I tried. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, but that's my boy Tito."

As to when or if the UFC will add a women's featherweight class, White asked for patience.

"We'll see what happens," he said. "I don't know if we'll be adding 145 in a couple months, but over the next year, what we're going to be doing is building this 135-pound division. I'm going to have 15 new fighters in here that we need to introduce to the world."

TRT testing

The UFC president was also asked about the company's new plan to test the testosterone levels of fighters who have been granted TRT exemptions. According to White, the company doesn't have the power to issue penalties for those whose levels are high.

White said if a fighter who is on TRT tests at unacceptable levels, the information will be passed along to the athletic commission charged with overseeing the fight.

"What I can't do is suspend them," White said. "But if we're going in and testing guys for TRT, and they're over their limits, we let the athletic commission know, and then the athletic commission will handle it."

Quick hits

On when the company will hold a fight card in Mexico: "I hope this year." ... White said they're on the verge of a "huge" television deal in China, but added "it's a tough place to do business. ... White indicated the UFC is looking to put on a FOX card in Los Angeles this year. ... Asked about whether policy toward marijuana use will change given new state laws in Colorado and Washington, White said "It's still basically illegal."

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