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Dana White to TRT users: 'We're going to test the living s--- out of you'

Michael Cohen

UFC president Dana White has apparently changed his tune on testosterone replacement therapy.

The controversial therapy has been utilized by several UFC fighters in their 30s and beyond, from Chael Sonnen to Vitor Belfort to Dan Henderson.

But while White has been neutral on TRT usage, which is approved by several athletic commissions, it appears the company won't tolerate its use going forward.

In a story originally reported by the web site, White issued strong statements during a question and answer session at Friday's weigh-ins for UFC on Fuel 7.

"TRT has become a way for people to cheat," White told fans. "If this is what your normal level should be and then you have guys training at huge levels for their whole camp then tapering down to get to normal levels before the f--- fight, that's cheating, and I don't like it anymore."

"There are plenty of guys in the UFC that are naturally gifted and talented fighters," White continued. "If your testosterone levels are too low then you're probably too old to be fighting, stop fighting."

In a quote confirmed with via text message, White said, "We can test everybody. I'm telling you right now, if you are using testosterone replacement therapy, get ready motherf---- because we're going to test the s--- out of you."

White didn't single out any one particular fighter as the target for his venom, although the issue of TRT was most recently in the news when it was revealed Vitor Belfort, who has a previous steroid suspension on his record, was approved for TRT use before his recent knockout of Michael Bisping in Brazil.

The UFC president, while not giving specifics, gave an idea what's changed his mind.

"Some things recently have lead me to believe that people are f--- cheaters, people are taking good things and turning it into a bad thing and if you want to play those games then guess what, we'll play."

"There's so much s--- out there. Right now there's banned substances and and we follow the regulations and we're going after the banned substances, TRT was never one of them and they would be tested leading up to the fight to make sure the levels are good. If you're on TRT now, you're going to wish you weren't. We're going to test the living s--- out of you."

"You have guys that go in there 100 percent natural with his talent and natural ability, against someone on TRT, basically someone that's on steroids. I'm absolutely 100 percent against TRT and now I'm going to start fighting it 100 percent with the athletic commissions and I want nothing to do with it."

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