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Dana White: Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman 'more possible than people think'

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Is Chris Weidman next in line for a shot at Anderson Silva's UFC middleweight title?

A few weeks ago, the answer seemed an easy "no." But with potential challenger Michael Bisping losing to Vitor Belfort, and Weidman's recovery from elbow surgery coming along faster than anticipated, it's possible the unbeaten Long Islander is now at the front of the line.

On Tuesday's edition of UFC Tonight, UFC president Dana White, who met with Weidman last week in Chicago, wouldn't commit to a Silva-Weidman fight. But he did say such a bout could very well be on the way.

"I think that fight's closer and more possible than people think," White said. "I actually thought Weidman was going to be out a lot longer than he was because of his injuries. But, he's healed up pretty well and he's going to be ready to start training again in a couple months."

Silva, of course, is performing his usual song and dance in between fights, in which he states he wants to fight everyone except whomever the UFC wants him to fight. Most recently, Silva said a fight with Cung Le appeals to him. But despite that, White says a Weidman fight is on the table.

"We're looking at a couple different options right now, some options that we like," White said. "And Weidman is one of them."