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Dana White Puts Middleweight Plans on Hold in Wake of UFC 149

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

At Thursday's UFC 149 press conference, Dana White promised big news for the future of the middleweight division would be forthcoming after the card.

But after a Calgary event which proved to be an exercise in Murphy's Law, the UFC boss is going back to the drawing board.

Hector Lombard went bust in his UFC debut Saturday, looking more hype than hope against Tim Boetsch. And Boetsch, who won the lackluster bout via split decision, is believed to have broken his foot in the second round of the fight and will be out for awhile.

So whatever White had planned for middleweight champion Anderson Silva and several top contenders who don't currently have their next opponent lined up is now on hold.

Asked at the post-fight press conference when we might find out plans for the top of the 185-pound pack, White said: "In the next couple days we'll get it figured out, who's going to fight who next and what's going to happen."

White wasn't in a good mood about much of anything after UFC 149, a sentiment which he extended to Lombard, who had his 25-fight unbeaten streak and 20-fight win streak snapped.

"It's the unfortunate thing about hype," White said of Lombard. "When there's a lot of hype behind you and you don't live up to the hype, it goes away real quick."

Boetsch, for his part, was active in the fight's first round, using his kicks to keep Lombard honest, but he had to change up the game plan after his injury.

"He came out trying to kill me," said Boetsch, who improved to 4-0 since dropping to 185 pounds. "That's exactly what I expected, if I stood in front of him and let him hit me, I would have been woken up by the doctor, so I knew I didn't want to allow him to do that. My kicks, that was my whole game plan, if I didn't keep him at bay with those kicks ... that was the game plan all along was not let him get into his rhythm."

Saturday night's developments seem to bode well for Chis Weidman, the unbeaten middleweight who recently rolled over Mark Munoz.

"When I talk about guys fighting for the next fight and guys who are possibly going to fight for world titles, I like dominant performances," said White. "I want to see a guy like Weidman come in out of nowhere and take out the No. 2, No. 3 guy in the world the way that he did. We'll see what happens."