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UFC 149 Results: Nick Ring Outlasts Court McGee in Bloody Fight

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

The sequel ended with the same winner as the original.

In a bloody, grueling affair, Nick Ring outlasted Court McGee en route to a unanimous decision victory at UFC 149. All three judges scored it 29-28 for Ring.

The two had first faced off during the 11th season of The Ultimate Fighter, and Ring won, but was later injured and forced off the season. McGee took advantage of the opening and went on to win the season.

Two years later, Ring won again, but it was no easy fight. Ring looked good early scoring with his straight left hand against the orthodox fighter McGee.

But as he does, McGee turned the bout into a dogfight, and by the end of the second, both fighters were bloodied, and the action started trending his way. A series of straight lefts from Ring late probably won him the second round, which would prove to be pivotal as the third was all McGee. He stalked Ring around the cage and beat him up from the clinch and with dirty boxing.

Ring did his best to hold on, and made it to the final bell before being awarded the victory.

Both fighters had been coming off defeats, so it was Ring who found his way back into the win column quicker, moving to 13-1. McGee's second straight loss gives him a 13-3 record.