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Chat Wrap: UFC on FUEL 4 Fallout, Strikeforce Preview and Discussion

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How about that Chris Weidman? I predicted on Tuesday he'd win (and even outstrike Munoz!), but frankly this wasn't nearly as close as I and many other suspected the bout would be. Even in troublesome spots, Munoz generally has good preservation skills and enough defensive tools to keep himself in the fight. Facing Weidman, it turns out, is no ordinary fight.

Weidman is special not just because he's beating incredible talent early in his career, although he's doing that, too. He's turning noteworthy performances by attacking, being offensive, defining the fight's complexion through his proactive pushes and calculated risk-taking.

Join me today at 1 p.m. ET to talk about the fallout from yesterday's UFC on FUEL 4 event. There's much to discuss about Weidman and Munoz, but also the two middleweights battling this weekend for Strikeforce (Luke Rockhold, Tim Kennedy) and the middleweight division itself. Who should Anderson Silva fight next? Let's figure that out today.