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Randy Couture Opens Up About the Challenges of Retiring From Fighting

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

More and more of the stars from the peak days of the UFC are retiring or have already departed the sport. Randy Couture is part of that group. As more of them depart, each has wrestled with the challenge of that transition in different ways.

In this final portion of our discussion, Couture discusses those challenges he personally faced when retiring from professional mixed martial arts competition. He notes he hasn't looked back since leaving MMA, but has been able to successfully transition in part because of post-fighting opportunities.

Perhaps more importantly, Couture also talks about self-identification, if he still thinks of himself in athletic terms, whether there's anything he didn't accomplish in his athletic career, how not making the Olympic team fueled him as an athlete to pursue MMA and more.