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UFC 147 Undercard Live Blog: Damm vs. Medeiros, Drinaldo vs. Heleno, More

Brazilian fans will cheer on their favorite fighters on the UFC 147 undercard on Saturday night. (Esther Lin, MMA Fighting)
Brazilian fans will cheer on their favorite fighters on the UFC 147 undercard on Saturday night. (Esther Lin, MMA Fighting)

This is the UFC 147 undercard live blog for the Silva vs. Franklin event from the UFC event in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

There will be six fights on the undercard. Rodrigo Damm vs. Anistavio Medeiros, Francisco Drinaldo vs. Delson Heleno, Hugo Viana vs. John Teixeira, Leonardo Mafra vs. Thiago Perpetuo, Wagner Campos vs. Marcos Vinicius and Milton Vieira vs. Felipe Arantes will be featured on the prelims.

Check out the live blog below.

Milton Vieira vs. Felipe Arantes

Round 1: Featherweight bout. Marc Goddard is your referee. Tentative start, with both throwing occasional low kicks. Vieira scores a takedown about 1:45 in and ends up in Arantes' half-guard. A minute later, Vieira gets side control. Vieira tries to position for a choke but doesn't get it, ends up in Arantes' guard instead. With about a minute left, Vieira passes into side control again. He tries for a D'Arce choke and doesn't get it. Round ends with Vieira in Arantes' guard. MMAFighting scores the round for Milton Vieira, 10-9.

Round 2: Arantes with a knee and a push kick in the opening minute. Still standing two minutes in, with Vieira picking his spots and Arantes guarding against another takedown. Arantes throwing occasional low kicks. Midway through, still standing, and the raucous Brazilian crowd is getting a little restless. Vieira goes for a takedown and Arantes sprawls. Vieira connects with a combo and pushes forward, but Arantes gets to safety. Final minute. Vieira connects with a spinning kick. The sequence ends up with Arantes scoring a takedown, though. Arantes goes for Vieira's back in a closing scramble. scores the round for Felipe Arantes, 10-9 (19-19 overall).

Round 3: Arantes' jab is finding a home, but he's not really following up. Arantes throws a high kick two minutes in. Arantes connects with a combo. Arantes goes for a takedown, doesn't quite get it, but tries to lure Arantes into his guard. Arantes, though, keeps his cool and gets in some ground and pound. With two minutes left, Vieira finally pulls guard. They're back standing, one minute left. Arantes lands a spinning back kick to the torso. Vieira answers by fanning on a high kick. Closing seconds, the horn sounds. scores the round for Felipe Arantes, 10-9 (29-28 Arantes overall).

The bout is scored a split draw (29-28, 28-29, 28-28).

Wagner Campos vs. Marcos Vinicius

Round 1: Another featherweight fight. Herb Dean is the third man in. Campos catches Vinicius with a low blow early. Campos apologizes profusely. Vinicius lands a kick and a right hand; Campos responds with a kick and a right. Both guys with a kick here, a jab there, darting in and out. Campos with a takedown midway through the round. Campos gets into a full mount, opens up with his ground and pound, smoothly works his way into a choke. Joe Rogan declares the bout over, but Campos lets go of the hold. They're briefly up, but Campos takes him right back down. Final minute, Vinicius lands an upkick or two, but not nearly enough to take the round. MMAFighting scores the round for Wagner Campos, 10-9.

Round 2: Vinicius goes for a flying knee, but Campos times it and tags him. Vinicius hits the mat and Campos passes guard. Campos ends up half-guard and goes for an armbar. Vinicius escapes. Campos relentless in his movement on the ground, hasn't come close to a submission but is keeping Vinicius guessing. Campos ends up with a cut around his left eye, possibly from an elbow from the bottom. Vinicius lands a late up kick. MMAFighting scores the round for Wagner Campos, 10-9 (20-18 overall).

Round 3: Vinicius with a front kick, a flying knee, and he opens up. A tremendous flurry of punches and knees by Vinicius, It's over, Dean stops it. A nice comeback win for Vinicius in his UFC debut.

Marcos Vinicius def. Wagner Campos via TKO (strikes) at 1:04 of round three.

Leonardo Mafra vs. Thiago Perpetuo

Round 1: A middleweight matchup is up next. Mario Yamasaki is your referee. Mafra busier in the early going. Mafra throwing combos and kicks. Two minutes in, Perpetua finally counters and they end up clinching along the fence. The action opens up, Perpetua throws a head kick and Mafra answers with a counter combo. Perpetua backs Mafra into the fence and Mafra starts swinging. Perpetua has a mouse swelling up under his right eye. Mafra catches a Perpetua kick and throws a counter. Final minute. Perpetua grabs a leg, can't take Mafra down, and we've got clinch work along the fence. Perpetua goes for the single again and once again doesn't get it. MMAFighting scores the round for Leonardo Mafra, 10-9.

Round 2: After a minute of sloppy standup, Perpetua goes for a takedown, they hit the mat, and Mafra goes for an armbar. Gets it in pretty tight, but Perpetua does a nice job escaping. Mafra goes for it a second time. Perpetua ends up in Mafra's guard, and lands a couple huge elbows. Perpetua lands several more solid strikes. Two minutes left. Mafra losing the positioning battle on the bottom. Mafra trying to ride out the round, Perpetua landing punches and elbows from the top. The round ends. MMAFighting scores the round for Thiago Perpetua, 10-9 (19-19 overall).

Round 3: And that doesn't take long. Perpetua drops Mafra with a big right hand to the jaw and lands, oh, about two dozen or so punches to the downed Mafra, who does nothing but cover up. Yamasaki calls a merciful halt to the festivities.

Thiago Perpetua def. Leonardo Mafra via TKO (strikes) at 0:41 of round three.

Hugo Viana vs. John Teixeira

Round 1: Marc Goddard is the referee for this featherweight matchup. Several exchanges of combos in the opening minute, neither guy gets an advantage. Teixeira lands a knee to the body and throws a front kick. Another wild exchange two minutes in leaves Viana scurrying to safety. Teixiera slips throwing a kick and gets right back to his feet. Teixeira mixing his series in these exchanges; Viana throwing mainly punches and landing with them. Teixeira does a 180 on a wild swing and Viana catches him with several shots from behind. Close round. Viana's strikes seemed to land better. MMAFighting scores the round for Hugo Viana, 10-9.

Round 2: Teixeira comes out and fires a high kick and bulls Viana into the fence. Viana switches position, they break and come out to the center. Teixeira grabs a leg and gets a takedown. Viana gets back up and they're clinching again. Bout turns into a Greco contest two minutes in. Goodard re-starts the duo. An exchange ends with Teixeira landing a big knee and he follows with a leg kick. Viana lands a left hook. Pace slows in the final minute. MMAFighting scores the round forJohn Teixeira, 10-9 (19-19 overall).

Round 3: Considerably slower pace. Viana connects with a left and a right. Teixeira with an inside leg kick that goes too inside, and we've got a timeout as the crowd winces along with the replay. Fight restarts, three minutes left. It seems like every Brazilian fighter on the card wants the next Anderson Silva/Lyoto Machida-style front kick KO. Two minutes left, Teixeira corners Viana along the fence and goes for a takedown. They're briefly down but Viana's back up. One minute left. Fight still hangs in the balance. Clinch in a corner following an exchange. Teixeira ultimately gets a takedown, but the elusive Viana gets right back up. MMAFighting scores the round for John Teixeira, 10-9 (29-28 Teixeira overall).

Hugo Viana def. John Teixeira via split decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

Francisco Drinaldo vs. Delson Heleno

Round 1: Herb Dean is your official for this middleweight fight. Heleno eats a left on his way in for a takedown. Drinaldo sprawls it. Heleno doggedly pursues the takedown, though, and ends up pressing Drinaldo along the cage. Drinaldo lands several punches and knees off the break. We're back with more clinch work, Drinaldo gets pushed against the cage. The two hit the mat, Drinaldo lands a big knee to the body. Heleno gets up and Drinaldo hits him with a knee to the body. Heleno is really committed to the takedown. He ends up on the mat and Drinaldo drills him with a knee to the body. Final minute. Drinaldo rains down hammer fists. Heleno covers up and Dean call a halt to the fight.

Francisco Drinaldo def. Delson Heleno via TKO (strikes) at 4:21 of round one.

Rodrigo Damm vs. Anistavio Medeiros

Round 1: Featherweight action closes out the undercard. Mario Yamasaki is your referee. Medeiros seems preoccupied during the intro, stretching his hamstring along the cage and seemingly complaining about his mouthpiece. Damm throws a combo and follows up with a leg kick. A Medeiros leg kick is ruled a low blow. Damm lands a big right hand once the fight restarts. Damm gets Medeiros' back and is working for a choke. He gets it, and Medeiros taps.

Rodrigo Damm def. Anistvaio Medeiros via submission (rear naked choke) at 2:12 of round one.

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