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UFC on FX 4 Results: Cub Swanson Knocks Out Ross Pearson

Joe Camporeale, US PRESSWIRE
Joe Camporeale, US PRESSWIRE

Cub Swanson has often been referred to as a snake-bit fighter for his inability to stay healthy and show his true promise. At UFC on FX 4, it was all on display. The Californian unleashed his striking speed and brilliance by outgunning Ross Pearson, ultimately leading to a second-round knockout.

The official time came at 4:14, with the finish coming from two right hands and a fall-away left hook that left Pearson crumpled against the cage.

Prior to that, Swanson had connected on all sorts of strikes, including a capoeira kick, and Pearson had seemingly been unfazed. Whether it was the effect of all the prior shots finally coming to a head or the finishing sequence, it was still an impressive finish.

"I was hitting him with a lot of shots and he didn't show he was getting hurt at all," Swanson said. "I'm real good at that exiting left hook. I hit him on the button, and he fell backwards. I tried to jump on him but it was already over."

Pearson had been considered the favorite to win the fight after looking impressive in his featherweight debut late last year in a win over Junior Assuncao. Instead, it was Swanson who left with the spoils.

Swanson improves to 17-5 on the strength of his second straight knockout win while Pearson fell to 13-6.

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