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Ultimate Fighter Results: Justin Lawrence Knocks Out John Cofer

Zuffa LLC for Getty Images
Zuffa LLC for Getty Images

Justin Lawrence was TUF Live's overall No. 1 draft pick, and although he failed to make it to the finals after being upset by Michael Chiesa, he still looks like he has a promising future ahead.

The lightweight provided the first real highlight of the Friday night finale, knocking John Cofer cold with a headkick in the opening seconds of the third round.

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The first two rounds had been fairly competitive, but Lawrence erased any possibility of it going to the judges by finishing off a striking combination with a right high kick that caught Cofer on the chin. Cofer crashed to the mat, and no follow-up was necessary as ref Herb Dean stepped in to call a halt to the action at 19 seconds of the round.

"I'm here in the UFC and I'm here to stay," Lawrence said upon earning his first official UFC victory.

Cofer struggled to get the fight to the mat throughout, but earned his best chance in the second when he ducked under a hook and suplexed Lawrence. He quickly took his back, but in trying to get his hooks in, rode up too high, allowing Lawrence to escape out the back door.

That was late in the round, and it wasn't much later when he was KO'd for the finish.

The 22-year-old Lawrence is now 4-0 overall, while Cofer fell to 7-2.

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