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Chat Wrap: Urijah Faber's Next Opponent, Ronda Rousey Headlining UFC on FOX Discussion

Joe Camporeale, US PRESSWIRE
Joe Camporeale, US PRESSWIRE

There, I said it. Ronda Rousey should headline the next UFC on FOX. It'd obviously take a lot of give and take between Zuffa, Showtime and FOX, but it's certainly not impossible. Given what we know about the sport (it's star-driven), and what FOX needs (bigger names than they got the last time out), there are a lot of good reasons to put Rousey at the top of the card. Let's be clear: Rousey isn't Gina Carano-popular. At least not yet. But her fame is growing by the day as is the intrigue surrounding her career and personal story. Her moving to the UFC for one fight would create all kinds of media buzz and we know she can personally do the promotional heavy lifting. There are other reasons to do it, but we'll discuss that later.

Join me at 1 p.m. ET for our weekly live chat to discuss those matters and more. We'll discuss who Urijah Faber should face next, what the abysmal ratings for UFC on FOX 3 mean for MMA and network television, whether UFC and Showtime should work out a deal to let Ronda Rousey headline a UFC on FOX card and whatever you would like to talk about.

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