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Morning Report: UFC on FOX 3 Heats Up, Ronda Rousey Makes Predictions

Michael Nagle, Getty Images
Michael Nagle, Getty Images
Getty Images

There was quite a bit of news from yesterday's UFC on Fox 3 presser, right? We've covered most of it in today round-up (don't forget about our photos!), but they're worth going over again.

Every UFC event - particularly when Dana White is there - is always so interesting because the universe of MMA is rewritten each time. News is confirmed or denied, the future is forecasted and many things we thought were true - X fighter is better than Y, for example - often turn out to be terribly untrue. In some sense, you can judge an event's significance by how much MMA is different after it's over.

That's the same reason that makes me wonder if tomorrow's event is really that big. Still, I'm looking forward to it. The buzz finally got me. I'm most looking forward to Josh Koscheck vs. Johny Hendricks, but there are obviously other fights of quality to choose from. I don't know if the MMA world will be re-written come Sunday morning, but at the very least Saturday night should be fun and that's nothing to take for granted.

Speaking of fun, on today's round-up we've got comedians joshing fighters as well as Chael Sonnen heckling Anderson Silva (surprise!), news from yesterday's presser and some of the Twitter war between Tara LaRosa and Miesha Tate.



Rampage's Act Wearing Thin With Dana White. The UFC President told the media yesterday if Rampage doesn't want to fight in the UFC, the feeling is mutual.

Dan Henderson vs. Jon Jones Targeted for September 1. The best light heavyweight in the land won't be back by this summer, but there's a new date for his next fight.

Hector Lombard Could Be Fast-Tracked to Title Shot. If Lombard defeats Stann at UFC on Fox 4, he'll likely earn a title shot from the victory.

Dana White Will Watch Mayweather vs. Cotto. But only after UFC on FOX 3 is over. Interestingly, he encourages others to watch Mayweather vs. Cotto as well.

UFC on FOX 3's First Two Prelims Now on Facebook. For a moment it seemed the first two bouts of the night would be 'dark' matches, but now everything will air one way or the other.



Chael Sonnen accuses Anderson Silva of living in a L.A. mansion, not Brazil:


Have you seen the new The Expendables 2 trailer with Randy Couture? No? Here you go, then:


Ronda Rousey gives her predictions for UFC on Fox 3....while shooting guns. Seriously:


Comedian Adam Hunter has a little fun at the expense of some of the main card participants from this weekend's fights:







So, what is this? A picture of four comic book characters? Sort of. Yes, it is that, but it's also who UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva says are his five - yes, FIVE - favorite superheros of all time.



- UFC 149: Anthony Perosh vs. Ryan Jimmo



Today's Fanpost of the Day comes courtesy tomvale 13 who are argues there are three movies that could've been better with MMA fighters. One of his suggestions? Sex & The City...With Cyborg Santos:

Scene: It’s 2008, and in New York a wild horse has run rampant through the City - terrorising both shoe stores and the groins of many an unsuspecting man. The horse has recruited a gang of 3 misguided harpees who have taken to the liberation of woman-kind in the most ironic fashion – by being complete whores. With their motto of "Any Ham-Javelin will do" and catch-cry of "We demand a typhoon of penises!!" they aid the horses rise to power in the underworld.

The mayor is under siege from the general public, there is seemingly nothing he can do – until he remembers a sadistic criminal he locked up 5 years prior.

Chris Cyborg plays "Cyborg" a sadistic murderer with an irrational hatred of horses – she was originally sent to jail by the city for a string of horse murders so severe, that Jockeys were forced to ride upon Donkeys for a brief period due to a horse-shortage.

With no-one left to turn to – the Mayor releases Cyborg on one condition: Kill the shit out of this annoying fucking horse.

Cyborg skips the usual montage that would follow and gets straight to the killing – she easily dispatches of the harpees by putting a poster up near their favourite trendy coffee shop which reads "All the p------- you can eat – Brooklyn Convention Center NO HORSES ALLOWED" – then tracks down the evil horse of New York by following it’s awkwardly laid out trail of high-hoof marks.

The final scene takes place atop a sky scraper, Cyborg fly kicks the horse in its bent nose and sends it flying down and onto the sidewalk to its death, the applause from the crowd of citizens below is deafening and Cyborg is made Chief Deputy of the newly formed "Horses Suck" department of the police force.

Found something perfect for the Morning Report? Just hit me on Twitter @SBNLukeThomas and we'll include it in Monday's post.

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