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Chat Wrap: TUF: Live Preview, Jon Jones' DWI, Death in Unregulated Bout Discussion

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Getty Images

I've long felt what UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones did behind the wheel of his Bentley was a monumentally poor decision. I should know. I've done the same thing (though I never got in any legal trouble). Two key differences. First, I didn't lash out at critics and detractors after the fact. Second, I didn't have critics and detractors after the fact. When I was 24 years of age the only thing I had to lose was my wallet, which probably had very little money in it.

Join me at 1 p.m. ET today as we discuss this topic and whatever else is on your mind. There's an absolutely sensational fight between Martin Kampmann and Jake Ellenberger this Friday, the heavyweight division is full of intriguing possibilities and the rematch between Demetrious Johnson and Ian McCall is just around the corner.

There's also the unfortunate news a fighter died in an unregulated match in South Dakota. That deserves some discussion and inspection as well.

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See you turkeys at 1 p.m. ET.

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