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BJ Penn Says He's Not Interested in Fighting Josh Koscheck

Mark Nolan/Getty Images
Mark Nolan/Getty Images
Getty Images

Josh Koscheck is going to have to look elsewhere for his next octagon challenge. It's not coming from BJ Penn, the Hawaiian confirmed through a Thursday Twitter post.

In the wee hours of Thursday morning, Koscheck said that he had been offered a fight against Penn, who has not competed since last October's loss to Nick Diaz. And even though UFC president Dana White recently said that Penn will fight again, apparently, now is not the right time.

Phrasing his answer in a way that alluded to a recent segment on FUEL TV's "UFC Ultimate Insider" which showed Koscheck's sprawling home, luxury cars and plane, Penn shot down the fight.

"I know it costs a lot of money to live that lavish lifestyle, big house, fast cars & you need big fights, but sorry I’m not coming back anytime soon!" Penn wrote.

Penn (16-8-2) has won only one of his last five outings, a 21-second knockout of Matt Hughes in November 2010. In 2011, he fought Jon Fitch to a draw before dropping the UFC 137 main event decision to Diaz.

Moments after that loss -- which saw him leave with his left eye bloodied and swollen, Penn proclaimed his career over, saying, "That's it. I've got a daughter, another daughter on the way. I don't want to go home looking like this. I'm done."

This isn't the first bout Penn has turned down since that decision, as White recently confirmed he also declined a chance to fight Strikeforce lightweight champion Gilbert Melendez.

Just 33 years old, Penn has been a mainstay at the top level of the sport for over a decade, and is actually one year younger than the 34-year-old Koscheck.

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