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Three MMA Documentaries Worth Seeing to Be Released Over Next Two Months

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Peachpipe, Inc.
Peachpipe, Inc.

There haven't been a whole lot of good MMA documentaries produced over the years, however, over the next two months, three of the best will be released.

First, "Fightville," the story of young Dustin Poirier, his coach Tim Credeur and the Louisiana fight scene comes out in New York and Los Angeles theatres on Friday, as well as video on demand, iTunes and Xbox. It's a fascinating look at the humble beginnings of an MMA fighter's career.

Both Poirier and Credeur were on the most recent episode of The MMA Hour to discuss the film. Check out the interview below.

Then, on June 1, "Like Water," a documentary chronicling Anderson Silva's life between his strange showing against Demian Maia at UFC 112 and his showdown against rival Chael Sonnen at UFC 117 comes out in select theaters across the country and VOD.

And finally, "Such Great Heights," a film about Jon Fitch's road to the UFC welterweight title fight against Georges St-Pierre at UFC 87 and the American Kickboxing Academy will be released on DVD, iTunes and VOD on June 12. Its trailer can be seen below.

Together, all three films tell the complete story of an MMA fighter. From the road to the UFC, to the drive to a title shot, to the struggle to remain on top.

Two months. Three great MMA films. Move over "The Smashing Machine," you finally have some company.