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Cain Velasquez Says He'd Have No Problem With Frank Mir Fighting Junior Dos Santos

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

ATLANTA -- There's little more than one month to go until UFC 146, but the show's main event is still in flux. We do know that heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos is fighting; what we don't know is who will be standing across from him at the opening horn.

If Alistair Overeem can convince the Nevada state athletic commission of a legitimate reason his testosterone-to-epitestosterone ratio was high following a recent drug test, he'll keep his spot as the challenger, but if not, it still appears that Frank Mir is the frontrunner to replace.

You would think that might not sit well with former champ Cain Velasquez, who lost to Dos Santos by knockout in his last fight, but if it happens, he's perfectly fine with it.

"I definitely think that's fair," Velasquez said on Thursday from the site of UFC 145. "He's off a three-fight winning streak, and dos Santos beat me fair and square. I'm definitely mad about mine, but I know with one more fight, I'll be in the same position. If that did come up, then yeah, I'd be fine with that."

Velasquez couldn't be blamed if he thought differently. Since the fight, it was confirmed that he was injured in the lead-up to the fight. Like any champion, he'd like the chance to avenge the loss while at full strength, but is willing to get a win and wait his turn to do so.

The UFC previously confirmed that the Velasquez-Mir winner would have the opportunity to fight for the championship, but we won't know for at least a few more days whether or not that fight will transpire.

As for Velasquez, he is going on the assumption that it will. And if it doesn't, he'll be ready for whatever the UFC throws at him with an end goal in mind.

"As far as we know right now, it's Frank, so that's what I'm getting ready for," he said. "But if it turned out to be different, it didn't matter who it'd be, as long as it's one more to get in that same position, to fight for the heavyweight title."