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UFC on FUEL 2: Siyar Bahadurzada Knocks Paulo Thiago Unconscious

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Zuffa LLC via Getty Images
Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Siyar Bahadurzada waited a long time to make his UFC debut, but he didn't take long to make an impact. The first Afghan born fighter in UFC history finished Paulo Thiago, knocking the normally durable Brazilian completely unconscious in the first round of their UFC on FUEL 2 bout.

He needed only 42 seconds to close out the fight.

After a long feeling out period, Thiago opened an exchange with a wild, slinging overhand right, and Bahadurzada countered with a short right while moving backwards. The punch landed right on the button, and Thiago collapsed face-first on to the mat. Bahadurzada didn't even need to follow-up on the walkaway KO.

To add to the amazing finish, Bahadurzada said that he thought he broke his right hand about 10 days before the fight, but refused to see a doctor because he didn't want to hear any bad news.

"I respect this guy a lot because Paulo Thiago comes out every time to fight," he said afterward. "I love those fighters who come to fight because I come to fight, and fans come to see a fight. I want to give them a fight."

While it was the first octagon win for Bahadurzada, it was his seventh straight overall as he improved to 21-4-1.

Meanwhile, Thiago's record fell to 14-4. The loss marked the first time in his career he's ever been stopped.