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MMA Fighting Chat Wrap: UFC on FUEL TV, UFC 144 and More

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With UFC on Fuel TV roughly 24 hours from now and UFC 144 just 10 days away, it's time to start looking ahead. But hey, it's never to late to dwell on the past. Join MMA Fighting at 1pm ET for today's live chat. We'll obviously talk about tomorrow's fights, the headliner between Jake Ellenberger and Diego Sanchez, UFC 144 in Japan next week, Nick Diaz's future with the Nevada State Athletic Commission, War Machine returning to prison, the impending bout between Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate, UFC on FOX 3's announced middleweight and welterweight match-ups or anything you'd like to discuss in the sport of MMA.

How can you contribute? It's very easy.

When we kick this off at 1pm ET, just submit a comment, Tweet, question or some other interesting nugget of information and we'll collectively digest it. Oh, and you can login via your Facebook or Twitter page if that makes things easier.

Head back here after lunch for an hour and a half of chat action. Talk with you then.