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Dana White expects Nick Diaz to show up for UFC 158 press conferences

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Esther Lin

LAS VEGAS -- The UFC will soon hold a press conference to help kick off ticket sales for the big Georges St-Pierre vs. Nick Diaz welterweight title fight at UFC 158 in March.

But while the mercurial Diaz has been known to flake on these sort of events, Dana White says he'd be astounded if the challenger didn't show up for the presser.

"I would find it very hard to believe that he wouldn't," White said. "You know, after what happened last time, he's been sitting out for so long. This is a fight that he wanted, he really wanted this fight bad, and Georges St-Pierre called him out. He's getting it, so yes, I expected Diaz to do it."

White yanked Diaz out of a planned title match against St-Pierre in Oct. 2011 when Diaz blew off a pair of press conferences. But White says that while Diaz isn't a fan of making media rounds, it's a part of a UFC fighter's job.

"Listen, the thing about Nick Diaz, Nick Diaz shows up for fights," White said. "Nick Diaz shows up and fights his ass off. He's not a big fan of the pre-fight promotion, but you have to do it. You have to do it. Whether you're Nick Diaz or Anderson Silva, Whoever you are, it's in your contract. You actually can be cut. We can cut you for that."

Of course, White hasn't yet had the chance to send Diaz this message personally.

"Nick Diaz hasn't returned my calls, my texts, nothing," White said. "It's Nick Diaz. You don't have to call me, you don't have to text me, but you do have to show up for the press conferences. I'd be blown away if he didn't do it."