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Jon Jones Wanted to Move to Heavyweight With 2 Wins, UFC Said No

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UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones said that he'd like a heavyweight fight if he wins his next two at 205 pounds. But the UFC brass had other ideas.

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UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is openly talking about a move up to heavyweight, but before he can do that he's going to have to convince his bosses, who aren't enthusiastic about the idea.

Jones revealed on The MMA Hour that he has already told UFC President Dana White and UFC co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta that he would like to move up to heavyweight if he beats the top two light heavyweight contenders, Rashad Evans and Dan Henderson. But Jones said the UFC has other ideas.

"I actually asked Dana and Lorenzo, could I take a fight for the fans at the end of 2012," Jones said. "I figured beating Henderson and Rashad, there would be a period where we'd figure out who I'm going to fight next, and during that period, at the end of 2012, I asked to fight a heavyweight -- a Top 10 heavyweight."

Jones, however, said the UFC doesn't like that idea.

"Dana and Lorenzo didn't think that was the best for me to do right now," Jones said. "They wanted me to continue at the light heavyweight division. ... They said they didn't want that for me."

It's not surprising that the UFC told Jones to stay focused on his own weight class: He's still got business to attend to at 205 pounds, and the UFC has only had champions move up in weight on a handful of occasions.

Eventually, however, moving up to heavyweight may be the right move for Jones. He can still make 205 pounds comfortably, but as he moves into his mid- to late-20s, that might become more difficult. And that's when the UFC might be ready for its light heavyweight champion to make a permanent move and contend for the heavyweight title.