Jon Jones arrested, charged with battery domestic violence

Jon Jones is facing charges of battery domestic violence and injuring and tampering with a vehicle after being arrested Friday morning in Las Vegas.

MMA Fighting confirmed the news via Clark County records following an initial report by ESPN.

Jones’ bail is set at $8,000, $5000 for tampering with a vehicle and $3,000 for the domestic battery charge. The former UFC champion is scheduled to make an initial court appearance on Saturday morning.

This is the latest run-in with the law for Jones, who has previously been arrested for a hit-and-run, driving under the influence, and negligent use of a firearm among other charges. His involvement in an April 2015 hit-and-run in Albuquerque, N.M., resulted in the end of his first UFC light heavyweight championship reign when officials decided to strip him of his title for violating the organization’s Athlete Code of Conduct policy.

Most recently, Jones was arrested in Albuquerque in March 2020 on multiple charges: aggravated DWI, negligent use of a firearm, possession of an open container and driving with no proof of insurance. Jones later pleaded guilty to DWI, with the other charges being dropped, and he served four days house arrest in addition to agreeing to one year of supervised probation, a minimum of 90 days of outpatient therapy, and 48 hours of community service.

Jones has not competed for the UFC since February of last year when he successfully defended the light heavyweight title against Dominick Reyes in the main event of UFC 247. He has since announced his plans to move up to the heavyweight division, saying this week that he hoped to return in the second quarter of 2022.


The piece of shit is acting like a piece of shit

what a surprise !!!!

This shit is so funny <img src="//" alt=":joy:" class="emoji">

He literally said last night at the HOF ceremony, he wouldn’t do anything illegal. We should’ve known that as soon as he said that, something was about to go down. Never a dull moment with PicoBones.

Jones did nothing wrong...

I am sure of it.

My God! Just yesterday in an interview he was saying he had his life on track, and all his Demons were behind him.

Now we can add woman beater to JJ’s list of atrocities. Any respect is out the window.
I don’t even want to see him fight again. A 260 lb trained killer beating a woman.
Makes me sick.

His demons could sue him for defamation

He's a cheating scumbag in MMA

Did a hit and run on a pregnant lady. Who knows how much coke he goes through. Snitched on fighters to get a lighter sentence from USADA. Now a woman beater. I’m probably missing something from this list but there will still be people out there asking "why do you guys hate Jon?" …. this mofo probably beat a woman half his size now. Can’t say that I’m shocked.

The previous DUI, firing his gun randomly in the street during lockdown, the fact that he had half a pack of condoms in his rental car for the hit and run when his Mrs was back in NY at the time, the eyepokes, the fake personality, drag racing… I’ve probably still missed something from my list of things you missed.

It's funny...

All the things we’ve both listed, we are probably missing a bunch more.

Hiding under the cage to avoid drug tests is another one.

Honestly, we could be here throwing out new ones until his next fight and still not cover it all.

Thank you

I had forgotten.

And- after the hit and run- he ran, then came back. Did he come back to check on his victim? Nah- he came back to get his bag of cash from his car. Ugh

Cash and possibly drugs.

Then hid for a day or two to make sure certain things wouldn’t show up on drug/alcohol tests before he handed himself in.

Domestic violence doesn’t necessarily mean he hit his wife, it could have also been an adult male of his or her family.

Regardless, and I say this as a big Jon Jones fan, this shit is inexcusable. I’m tired of defending him.

I'm wondering if they will bring it up on the UFC broadcast

I’d imagine they are going to bring up those inducted into the HOF and at that point they have to bring it up. Can’t even hide behind pre-filmed footage as they will have to come back to them after the video. If there is one.

It would be hilarious if DC would bring that up

He'll be warned not to.

They’ll show the HOF video package and then just go back to DC bleeding from the mouth after biting his tongue so hard.

Don't you think DC will be inducted to the HOF as well one day?

Idk if this has been said...

He is going to be the new Greg hardy. He’s going to get shit on by every fighter on the roster if this one sticks.

I guess most indulge in something so the drug charges don’t bother people.

Everyone on something according to nate, so no one cares about pico Jones.

But woman beating (if that’s what it was) hits home for all of us.

Money will get him out of it, but in today’s cancel culture society and with the power to speak up that women were given with the #metoo movement… he might be done and it’s not going to be on his terms.

Good job Johnny. Way to fuck it all up again

I hope he does jail time. Even just a few days is enough

Not even in prison or beating women is tolerated. I bet he’d be scared shitless

yah mon !! all the inmates super progs and feminist advocates for sure.

he didn't beat anybody.....

at least this time……
I’m no fan of JBJ, far from it, but i found it interesting how almost every single American MMA media outlet for some reason omitted word ‘misdemeanor battery domestic violence’, which means there was no injuries but maybe some pushing/showing, and will probably not include jail time……
this is not JBJ defense but i find it symptomatic with media propaganda that is going in all topics regarding our lives….
one always finds out eventually that media purposely lied to you bc some agenda they had, or simply bc of clicks which is this case, and have no regard who they hurt in the process with their bias reporting……..smh
having said that, JBJ should’ve been in jail af 2nd hit and run, yet he was driving car only months later, which is crazy to me bc in my country one would at least lose his driver’s license for years and that if one was lucky, but would probably be in jail just bc of running the scene and having drugs in car…….that would maybe ‘wake’ him up…..
but my main issue here is with media and the fact that they cant stop but manipulate facts, hiding truth for their whatever agenda……..

His arrest report says Domestic Battery (1st).

It classified the same as assault with bodily injury in Nevada. Sure it’s a misdemeanor but as a Class C misdemeanor it’s step below a felony.

I’m not surprised motherfuckerssssss

Jon in trouble again? I think it’s time to punish him with another title fight. -Dana White


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