Former UFC interim champion Carlos Condit retires from mixed martial arts

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

“The Natural Born Killer” Carlos Condit has called it a career.

The former UFC interim welterweight champion has notified the UFC that he has retired from active competition following nearly 12 years spent with the promotion.

Sources initially alerted MMA Fighting on Thursday that Condit had retired. His longtime manager Malki Kawa from First Round Management then confirmed the news to MMA Fighting after the 37-year-old fighter previously gave notice to the UFC.

Throughout his career, Condit was long considered to be one of the best welterweights in the sport as well as one of the most exciting fighters on the roster at any given time.

After first debuting in 2002, Condit competed on the regional fight circuit until first gaining notoriety for a knockout win over Ross Ebanez at a Rumble on the Rock show in Hawaii. He then entered the promotion’s welterweight tournament where he promptly knocked out UFC veteran Renato “Charuto” Verissimo before pulling off a submission against ex-UFC title contender Frank Trigg.

In 2007, Condit joined the roster at the WEC where he claimed the vacant welterweight title in his second fight with the promotion with a submission win over John Alessio. He went on to defend his belt three times before moving onto the UFC roster.

Following a razor-close split decision loss to Martin Kampmann in his debut, Condit then tore through his next five wins in a row, including highlight-reel knockouts over Dan Hardy and Dong Hyun Kim, before claiming the interim welterweight title with a unanimous decision victory against Nick Diaz.

He was never able to claim the undisputed UFC title, however, after suffering a decision loss to Georges St-Pierre in his next fight.

Condit came up short in his last bid to become undisputed champion when he lost a controversial split decision to Robbie Lawler in 2016 in a battle that has been universally praised as one of the best title fights in UFC history.

While the last few years had been tougher on Condit after he went on a five-fight losing streak, the always durable New Mexico native bounced back with two more wins over Court McGee and Matt Brown.

His last appearance with the UFC came back in July when he lost a decision to Max Griffin.

Condit’s career comes to an end with a 32-14 record overall, including a stunning finishing percentage with 28 of those victories coming by way of knockout or submission.


Good for him

Fair winds NBK

War Condit!!!


Enjoy your retirement.

Good luck

Hope it sticks this time

Still had a lot in the tank

Condit had fallen off his prime, but not by much. He was still an incredibly dangerous opponent, and I think he had a few fights left in him. Hope there wasn’t a medical reason that precipitated this retirement.

Was close to finishing GSP too

Had him rocked with a head kick. Always thought he was fairly well rounded. Had a bit of difficulty not getting taken down but was annoying off his back.

Never seemed to be the same after messing up his knee in the Woodley fight.

Wise decision. Lived up to his moniker in his heyday.

Naw, he was done. Whatever he had left went out he window after the Lawler and Woodley losses.

I agree that his game was over after the Robbie fight.

I still reckon Carlos won that fight though, but that’s the way it goes I guess.

He had a good run! What a warrior!

I wish I could remember more

But I think when Condit went to Jackson Wink it really started to screw him up. Condit was a killer and really violent, but I remember a noticeable difference in some Jackson Wink fighters around 2010 and later. The "killer" Condit suddenly became very reserved, tried to coast, win points, run, and that killer instinct just wasn’t there after a while. Clay Guida was another fighter that looked timid after being with Jackson Wink. And Clay Guida was a savage animal. I think Jackson Wink really did a disservice to certain fighters.

I love Condit, but it probably was time.

Not saying he’s washed up, but he certainly isn’t the (Natural Born Killer) anymore.

Wasn't able to recapture the spark

Wise decision

Thank you for the spinning shit.

Good reference.

Either he's serious or he's playing it smart so they keep him on contract

That way he can take a few yrs off and get another fight in the ufc. We’ve all seen plenty of other fighters do exactly that. Was a fan of all his fights except the way he fought Diaz and gsp. He dropped gsp and then immediately started backing up again, against the fence like he was scared. Dude was overrated but pretty good still. Until his lack of bjj was exposed which unfortunately doesn’t leave u with much when u have the worst takedown defence in the ufc and everybody knows the easy route is to wrestle for a submission which ur not too bright at defending. I think he was really holding out for that Diaz rematch he talked about whenever they put a mic in front of him, when it didn’t happen he said fuck it. Tbh he didn’t deserve a rematch anyway. Take ur sketchy win and piss off, everyone knows ur not gonna "fight" any different against him, if u can actually call that fighting. Diaz125 lol

What you wrote was pure trash

You deserve more rec's

Nope! lol your a noob if you really think that about Condit.


In terms of reception, you may have posted the biggest waste of a paragraph in recent memory.

Have respect for a consummate warrior, rethink your evaluation of the sport and take that L.

A few things don't make sense to me here.

Why would a guy who’s 3-7 in his last ten fights, take a few years off at the age of 37? If he’s struggling to win fights at this stage of his career, why would it then get better in the future? And how does a person who submitted several BJJ blackbelts lack BJJ? Almost half of his career wins have come by way of submission, so that tells a bit of a different story.

A few things?

The whole paragraph was, as the first reply suggest, absolute garbage. I couldn’t even get thru the first sentence.

I was being nice.

But you’re right. Most didn’t make sense.

One of the most exciting guys on the roster

Was sad to see him have trouble the last few years but hell of a career
Now go and enjoy your family nbk

I agree with everything you said except for the part about "most exciting".

A diaz fan eh?

his warrior mentality and fighting style made him great, but that's tough to carry on with in later years

he has nothing to regret, and had a great career.

Congrats to him.

One of the most exciting fighters in UFC history.

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