Tyron Woodley no longer under contract with the UFC

Tyron Woodley
Zuffa LLC

Tyron Woodley is no longer a member of the UFC roster.

MMA Fighting confirmed with UFC officials that the former welterweight champion is a free agent following speculation on social media that Woodley had parted ways with the promotion. Woodley, 39, is no longer eligible to be voted for in the fan rankings and his profile on UFC.com reads “former fighter” under his name.

Woodley’s manager Malki Kawa also addressed the rumor on social media, clarifying that Woodley had indeed fought out his most recent contract and he was not cut by the UFC.

The news does not come as a surprise as it was previously reported that Woodley’s most recent fight with Vicente Luque at UFC 260 in March was the last fight on his contract. Woodley lost that bout by first-round submission, extending his current losing streak to four.

While nothing precludes Woodley from re-signing with the UFC, as of now he is a free agent. Following his loss to Luque, Woodley released a statement in which he expressed no regret over the aggressive approach that led to him being finished in the first round and offered no indication as to his future plans. However, he is one of several fighters who has volunteered their services for a boxing match with popular YouTube personality Jake Paul. Woodley was in Ben Askren’s corner when Askren was knocked out by Paul at the recent Triller Fight Club event.

Should Woodley move on from the UFC, it will end an eight-year relationship that began in 2013 when Woodley came over as part of the acquisition of Strikeforce. “The Chosen One” went on to win the welterweight championship with a first-round KO of Robbie Lawler at UFC 201 in 2016 and successfully defended that title four consecutive times. He dropped the belt to current champion Kamaru Usman at UFC 235 and has yet to return to the win column.

Guilherme Cruz contributed to this report.



What does this have to do with Jake Paul???

He is a free agent, therefore a Jake Paul is a possibility

I know people will say its the same, but it isn’t : the UFC can still sign him (I doubt it), so he has a bit more leverage for whatever he wants to do next, including Jake Paul.

My take is he will try something else : he likely won’t accept a cut in pay with the UFC (which I get), but the UFC can’t pay him what he used to be worth. Furthermore, other opportunities to capitalize on his name in stupid fights like Jake Paul is too great to be ignored.

For his own mental wellbeing, I hope he gets to put a satisfying performance before he retires.

Do you really think Jake Paul would accept a fight against somebody with Woodley's punching power?

They both have very punchable faces.


I was a Woodley fan during his championship run. Sucked to see his decline.

so you were just on the bandwagon you say

supporting only the winners huh

Can't speak for him

But for me, I don’t support adding brain damage after your legacy has run its course. There are too many fighters that fall into the category of BJ Penn, Overeem, Fedor; and not enough that took pages from GSP, Khabib.

he has one tko loss on his record

don*t be dramatic… It was only psychological problems after the belt loss for him, he was never physically damaged!

I don't know how many times it has to be said but,

CTE occurs mostly in the gym. The longer you train hard, the more chance of picking it up. It’s not just psychological issues (I’m sure it also is that), but it’s just being old. He will never win the belt again by virtue of being old, so what’s the point in keep sparring hard, keep losing matches? He already achieved what most set out to do.

so every fighter

after 30 with a couple of losses on his record should retire then…

Couple of losses?

He’s decisively lost his last four fights. I don’t think he’s won a single round in that time.

It’s time.

Dunno about after 30

But he’s 39. And the main thing is he has nothing left to prove. He was a good champion.

I said it sucked to see his decline. I was rooting for him every fight he has lost.

Bra winners gotta stick together

What the heck was "bra winners" supposed to be? <img src="//fonts.voxmedia.com/emoji/unicode/1f606.png" alt=":laughing:" class="emoji">

I’m picturing Rachel Ostovich holding up her golden bra for having won … a beauty contest, I guess?

(I’d imagine other well-endowed female fighters if I could think of any, but since I don’t follow ‘em, I’m drawing a blank.) What were you going for that autocorrect mangled helpfully? (At least it was funny!)

I think bro is consider too masculine and not inclusive enough so bra is to bridge that gap

At least that is what some random dude told me.

Really? Are we gonna be making feminine terms more inclusive, too, women don’t feel left out?

Christ; all this crap with the language is just going too far. I can’t keep up with what’s de rigueur every day. It’s thought enough having memory problems thanks to a brain injury, and then again on top of that, and now people want me to remember this kinda nonsense. It’s too much for my stressed little brain pan to hold.

(And pronouns! Now I’m sposta memorize all those, too! Just found out a friend of mine, a straight woman, wants to be called "they/them"! I have NO idea what for and wouldn’t even bother to remember it but she’s well-known in her field so I see a lotta articles about her and have gotten used to them referring to her as "they/them," which was totally confusing at first because I thought the articles meant she’d teamed up with others on various projects, but nope! Maybe she’s just hoping we’ll do away with ALL personal pronouns, and everyone can be "they/them." Sigh.)

Wait: changing "bra" to "bro" doesn’t fix anything; it still means that someone won a "bro."

It’s the missing comma. Where the hell is all the punctuation folks aren’t using nowadays? I’m imagining a warehouse on Long Island going up in flames. And why are people deciding we no longer need punctuation? I’ve been seeing so much crap like this lately on Instagram:

thats a great purse im gone buy it friday does it come in other colors i want a rosegold one and the striped one that’s so hot

If I were a parent and my kid’s school sent him home speaking and writing like that, I’m burning that school down. I keep hearing people complaining about STEM and so on, but don’t the little idiots need to know how to READ before they can tackle science, technology, engineering, and math? Or are they merely listening to audio? And not taking any notes? How is this possible?

I watch a documentary/reality show and needed to turn the subtitles on for a bit of it and was aghast when one of the brothers referred to the other as "Sweet bro." Started to wonder whether they weren’t really brothers but lovers, and began looking for signs, but then remembered from their passports that they have the same last name and phone their parents sometimes. Took awhile, but it dawned on me that the subtitle should have said "Sweet, bro!" as the fellow saying it had been referencing a cool place they were gonna visit.

All for lack of a period, I had two brothers getting down with each other. This is only one of myriad reasons that punctuation is not only important but it’s often URGENT!

(I see I made an error in my previous message; I’d meant to type " Are we gonna be making feminine terms more inclusive, too, so men don’t feel left out?")

Oh so you were the Woodley fan

I knew he had one but I didn’t know who it was. How did it feel to be in a club with only one member?

Hell yeah.

What a fall from grace, and I don’t bring his personal opinions or side-projects into that at all. He seemed to have lost himself at the moment he found himself. The guy brutalized Robbie Brawler, fought WonderStriker twice, fucked up the best BJJ artist in modern MMA. He had it all going for him and what a run. I’m gonna remember him as one of the greats, though talk about a flame that burned out too quick. I guess all those years of wrestling before MMA probably added wear but Old Man Time is coming for everybody and he’s 39.

Dana White "Woodley and I were never friends".

So creative, so new....

You mean like

Dana cutting fighters that don’t do it for him anymore? Groundbreaking innovation right there.

If you missed the point (I’m sure some did), it’s not about SBW’s point being creative or new, it’s about calling out the persistent (not creative, not new) bad behaviour of Dana White. The guy’s an asshole. Nobody could possibly argue otherwise from the Mafiosos who first ran him out of town, to his ex-wife, to the dozens of high-level high-profile fighters he’s cut over the decades after they’ve done him a service. Stop excusing that shit.

they didnt cut him.......

read the fu/&%$king article……smh

That's fair, that's fair.

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