Yair Rodriguez suspended six months by USADA for failing to file location for random testing

Yair Rodriguez
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Yair Rodriguez will have to wait until 2021 to resume his career.

The featherweight contender received a six-month suspension from the United States Anti-Doping Agency for violating the UFC’s anti-doping policy by failing to file his location for testing three times in the past 12 months.

USADA officials made the announcement on Thursday

“Like all UFC athletes, Rodriguez, 28, is a member of the UFC Registered Testing Pool and is therefore subject to certain Whereabouts responsibilities, which allow him to be located for testing,” USADA officials wrote in a statement. “Accurate Whereabouts information is a crucial component of an effective out-of-competition testing program because it enables anti-doping organizations to conduct no-notice sample collections, which helps maintain effective doping deterrence and detection.

“Rodriguez failed to update his Whereabouts information and was unavailable for testing at locations provided in his Whereabouts Filings on three occasions. He accrued a Whereabouts Failure in each of the first three quarters of 2020. The accumulation of three Whereabouts Failures within a 12-month period constitutes a policy violation under the UFC Anti-Doping Policy.”

USADA officials added that Rodriguez was eligible for a reduction in his sentence because “his conduct did not raise suspicion that he was trying to avoid being available for testing.”

UFC President Dana White recently hinted that Rodriguez would be sidelined for the immediate future after he had been connected to a fight against Zabit Magomedsharipov earlier this year.

“I don’t think he’s going to fight soon,” White said at the UFC Vegas 15 post-fight press conference. “I don’t know what the deal is. It’s actually none of my business what’s going on there. When it comes out, it will come out. It’s none of the UFC’s business. When they figure it out they’ll let us know.”

Rodriguez’s suspension was made retroactive to Sept. 8, which was the date when his third Whereabouts failure was declared.

That means he’ll be eligible to return after March 8, 2021.

With an 8-1 (1 NC) record in the UFC, Rodriguez has been touted as one of the best prospects in the sport before eventually becoming a top contender in the featherweight division. Following an incredible last-second knockout against “The Korean Zombie” Chan Sung Jung, Rodriguez earned a Fight of the Night award for a back-and-forth war against Jeremy Stephens in his last appearance in October 2019.

Unfortunately, Rodriguez has been unable to compete since then and now it looks like he’ll have to wait until March 2021 to book his next fight.


If there's one thing Yair can do well, it's play innocent

That's quite the screw up.

Especially considering it’s a pandemic, it’s not like he’s travelling all over the place.

Definitely doesn’t look very good.

didnt even think of that component when i read it

well played

I’m not a fan of these doping agencies being able to show up at any location at any time to collect ur piss.

Showing up in the middle of the night or when ur at the grocery store with family seems very excessive. The times and places fighters have claimed to have been tested is unreal and unnecessary. I’m all for random and constant testing but there needs to be limits. With that said, Rodriguez is a knucklehead for not giving locations that many times, gotta follow the rules, even the inconvenient ones.

You might not like it, but it is the right way to do it

That’s how you catch frauds like Dillashaw on EPO.

Does anyone want to explain how "random" works?

If there’s guaranteed times and places they know they can’t be tested, cheaters will just adjust their schedule to that. It’s all or nothing, go to Bellator or PFL if having to answer the doorbell at awkward times is too hard for you.

Guaranteed times, yes. Places? not so much.

What, are they never going to go home, to their hotel, or to the gym again? Randomize the timing and that should be sufficient. They have to physically watch them piss, no? So it’s not like they can have a clean sample hidden at the testing spots.

Rumor has it, they even asked Khabib to reach out with his patented: "Send Location"

And Nick Diaz with his: "Where you at Yair?" But still nothing.

Cowboy Cerrone knows a guy

who will let you pee in a cup.

That's not the smartest way to avoid Zabit but I guess it worked <img src="//fonts.voxmedia.com/emoji/unicode/1f609.png" alt=":wink:" class="emoji">

Dumb narrative started by Abdelaziz for the trolls to believe it

tell me how does it make any sense to you that Yair is supposedly injurin himself on purpose and gettin in trouble on purpose to avoid Zabit, when he took a 5 round fight at high altitude on few days notice against a truly murderous opponent in korean zombie, a guy way more dangerous than huggy humpy Zabit? just askin….

Because he’s joking?

The irony of you referring to others as trolls.

Good comedy my man.

Im over this guy

Ive been a defender of his for a long time but he just keeps making mistakes. Something about him just seems off I cant tell if its arrogance or if hes an idiot or what but something about him feels off. Hope he gets it together because the talent is clearly there but im not longer going to hold out hope and root for him, I doubt he ever does anything with his career.

I have always had an off feeling about him too

Add in his drama queen type of comments and some of the videos I have seen and honestly, the first thing that has popped into my mind about him, on more than one occasion, is this guy is probably going to murder someone some day.

I know how terrible that sounds, but he just has this look in his eyes at times that screams psychopath! And not in a "killer fighter" type of way either.

I mean legit stabby stabby kind of way. I knew unfortunately a few guys growing up who ended up in jail for murder and had that same look years ago!

Hope he gets his shit together and just takes his loss to Zabit like a man already! I am kidding, but he is seriously the only fighter I ever got that killer vibe off of!

I haven't heard of any other fighter getting

This kind of suspension. Looks kind of suspicious to me


Nick Diaz got the same whereabouts suspension

His punishment was 1 year, though


Doing more harm then good to fighters since 2015

Between the countless weed stuff. The dick pills and dumb stuff like this you gotta wonder what the heck they are doing. To top it all off they are still eating all sorts of PEDS and rarely get caught before a fight. It is always after a fight. Which really makes you wonder how they go about their business….

Usada has

no oversight. It’s why they ban things like 7keto dhea which has no proven effects. They are allowed to run rampant and ban anything and everything they want. Look at how they fucked over machida. Banning steroids is one thing but they have gone so overboard it’s insane. They definitely do more harm than good but the zealots that worship them are too stupid to see it.

what do you suggest?

Just look at the size of guys

You can’t really deny that USADA works when guys lose massive amounts of weight or just happen to go from powerhouses to bottom tier fighters. It’s got problems, but it very obviously cleaned up the sport to a big degree.

Hahaha, this smug prick

I used to like Yair until he blamed Jeremy Stephens for being unable to continue after shoving his finger into Jeremy’s eye socket all the way through his brain then almost started a riot acting like a petulant child in the cage. True colors always shine through eventually.

So who does Zabit fight?

All the top guys booked

Jung probably recovering Freon beatdown

So guys like Ige, Emmett, and where the fuck is Arnold Allen?

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