Kamaru Usman to face Colby Covington at UFC 245

Kamaru Usman (pictured) defends his welterweight title against Colby Covington at UFC 245 on Dec. 14 in Las Vegas
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington will get their chance to meet in the Octagon after all.

After a rumored bout at UFC 244 fell through, MMA Fighting’s Damon Martin has confirmed with multiple sources that Usman will defend his welterweight title against Colby Covington at UFC 245 on Dec. 14 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. The matchup was first reported by ESPN.

This makes it three title fights now scheduled for UFC 245, with a featherweight championship bout between Max Holloway and Alexander Volkanovski, and a bantamweight championship bout between Amanda Nunes and Germaine de Randamie already in place.

Usman and Covington have been embroiled in a long-running feud that looked like it would be resolved at UFC 244 in New York City. However, negotiations reportedly broke down, with both Covington and Dana White sharing their sides of the story, and the bout appeared to be in limbo after Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz were instead named as the Madison Square Garden headliners.

Now, the stage is set for Usman’s first title defense to be against Covington, the man widely considered to be the rightful No. 1 contender.

Usman (15-1) is yet to be defeated in 10 UFC bouts and last competed at UFC 235 this past March, where he won a lopsided unanimous decision over Tyron Woodley to become the welterweight champion. Overall, he has won 14 straight, including wins over top contenders Rafael dos Anjos, Demian Maia, and Leon Edwards.

Sporting an identical 15-1 pro record, Covington has won seven straight fights, earning an interim title with a win over dos Anjos in June of last year. He would be stripped of that title after a unification bout with Woodley fell through, but go on to continue his streak and hold his spot in the contenders’ line with a unanimous decision nod over former champion Robbie Lawler in the main event of UFC on ESPN 5 in August.


Nice, glad they got it worked out.

I think Colby wins but it’s a good matchup and could totally go either way…winner gets to smoke the winner of Mas/Diaz I suspect (poor Leon).


What if Colby and Diaz win. Do you think Colby can out Diaz, Diaz? Colby’s last performance was classic Diaz brothers. Pepper all day.

Smoke was probably the wrong term..

Convincingly win a unanimous decision against, I probably shoulda said, lol…and yes I do think he could, but only because I’ve seen way more people beat Diaz, especially at that weight, than I have Colby

Both Usman & Colby would put Nate on his back for most of the fight

Nate is dangerous anywhere on the ground so that may or may not be the best idea.

the journeyman who is 7-6 in his last 13 has nothing for either of those men

go watch rory v nate from ufc129 that’s what happens to him only worse vs them dudes

I get where you are coming from.

But UFC 129 was a very long time ago in MMA years.

I’d favour both Colby or Usman over him though.

What have you seen from Nate that makes you think he can deal with a top wrestler at 170???

I think Colby or Usman run through Nate without much difficulty, at all. Nate isn’t a one-punch KO threat, he’ll get taken down easily and he only stands a hail mary, off his back sub chance against either. He’s not champ material at 170.

But I think it’s a moo point, as I see Mas KO’ing him. Those two are similar, put the Jorge’s power is the difference.

Bold prediction, I like it!

Nate is very very hard to KO.
I’m predicting Nate to walk Mas down and box the living shit out of him

I can see that happening, especially if the fight goes 4-5 rounds.

If Nate has an advantage, it’s probably cardio/pace/volume.

I see Mas as having the advantage striking, though.

Can’t wait!

High level Wrestling has always

owned BJJ (unless you’re Chael).

I don’t think Colby or Usman would be in danger against Diaz. Colby humiliated the supposed legendary Maia BJJ.

we’re (collegiate level wrestlers and beyond) just meaner, better, and more conditioned athletes and have the acne scars, herpes sores, and sexy ears to prove it :).

Good point about Maia

Maia is very dangerous with subs and Colby shut him down big time

Colby/Nate would be worse than Rory/Nate

Colby’s wrestling is too good and Nate doesn’t have Lawler’s TDD (he was still taken down 10 times). Nate vs Lawler/Ponz winner would be a good next fight for him if the Conor trilogy isn’t available. I think Masvidal will outpoint Nate but could see it going either way. But both guys get crushed by Usman or Colby.

I agree...

I’d consider a magic KO (like he pulled vs Till) from Mas as a remote option…
But these two guys are too constraining and don’t let space AND time to meassure a shot, I found it beautiful.

I think the Usman’s wrestling is better, but even if the grappling cancels out and it ends up being a striking fight (very possible), I think Usman has more power than people realize and it’ll be a tough day for Colby.

Can’t wait, should be a great card, 3 title fights!!

Now we get to see who the best crotch sniffer truly is!

But in all seriousness this is one of those fights where you can’t tell who will take it. It’s gonna be a good one boys! 245 is turning into a blessing from the MMA Gods!

And I'm hoping it's Colby!

Get that rightful crotch sniffing belt!
Bye bye boring Marty!

Usman will emerge with the most pubies between his teeth and the crotch sniffers belt

lol. However both crotch sniffers will snuff out any takedown attempts.

While they like sniffing crotches, they don’t like theirs being sniffed. They’re sensitive that way!

It’ll be a pitter patter affair that Colby will likely win.

From MSG to Vegas

Wondering if this was part of their thinking all along. Less tax in Nevada? Also three title fights may help in viewership but not sure if that means anything for their pay. I’d like to hear if they hold out for more money or decided they had no leverage and signed for what was originally offered. I would love to hear they went to the George Costanza school of negotiating and ended up with less.

Seinfeld relates to everything at some point...

Nice reference!

Headlining 245 must’ve been plenty incentive

Would like to see what changed as well, was it the ufc offer or did Colby cave. Headlining such a stacked card must’ve been incentive for the change of heart from these guys (more PPV points).

I am guessing the tax difference was enough for Colby to finally cave.

The UFC really didn’t "need" this fight to happen at 245. There was zero incentive for them to offer more $$$. The fighters basically have almost zero leverage when they are not the current champion. And no, Colby with his expired interim belt, is not a champion.

Ok, Pit, pipe-down. This card is shaping up to be epic! Don't tempt fate

Busrt out laughing when I saw that pic though, classic one mate!

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