Arjan Bhullar signs with ONE Championship

Arjan Bhullar went 3-1 as a UFC heavyweight between 2017 and 2019.
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Arjan Bhullar is the newest addition to the ONE Championship’s heavyweight division, sources confirmed to MMA Fighting following a report by MMAjunkie.

Bhullar posted a photo on social media signing a contract, revealing that “multiple offers on the table to consider but a clear winner in our eyes”.

ONE Championship has yet to announce Bhullar's signing and date, location and opponent for his debut.

Bhullar, victorious in nine of 10 MMA bouts, signed with the UFC in 2017 after compiling a perfect 6-0 record and defeated Luis Henrique via decision in his Octagon debut before losing via submission to Adam Wieczorek in April 2018.

“Singh” returned to the winning column with a decision over Marcelo Golm before fighting out of his contract with a win over previously unbeaten Juan Adams in April. The ONE Championship heavyweight gold currently belongs to UFC veteran Brandon Vera, who last defended it with a 64-second knockout over Mauro Cerilli in November. Vera is currently scheduled to challenge Aung La Nsang for the light heavyweight title in Oct. 13.


Good Riddance

One less boring fighter

Couldn't have said it better

His cornerman/coach came off as a real shitbag, too.

Ooch; hadn't known he was gone. Was it of his own accord?

My Indian friends who are MMA fans squee all over him. He inspires them. Unfortunately, he’s all they have.

I am have been following him since his UFC tenure started

He definitely has a huge Indian following. But Ill admit, he would struggle against anyone in the top 10. ONE is a more suitable place for him.

shit, he's struggling against guys who barely even belong on the big stage.

Answer to your question is in the article

I asked because the article says only that he 'fought out his contract"; it doesn't say whether he wanted to leave or the UFC wanted him gone.

After all, his record with the org was pretty good; they’ve kept much less-winning fighters.

Does anyone know whether it was his choice, or a lack of desire in the UFC’s part?

After all, his record with the org was pretty good; they’ve kept much less-winning fighters.

Especially at HW. So yes, I agree with your point – it isn’t clear at all if he was let go or he wanted to go.

Well, "Bhullar" for him...

Good move. He talked a big game in the UFC, but never backed it up, and nobody liked him. But he's gonna be liked in ONE C. because there are Indian fans there

WTH?? Why do you say I'm racist???


Those are some interesting claims. You must be an insider, no?

Source about what???

Good move for him

He kind of acted like he was a top dog in the UFC, and that was never going to square with fans’ perceptions of him and his style.

Good at what he does. I wish him well, in the hopes that he’ll have success in One and inspire more Indians to enter mma.

Won’t miss him though.

UFC missed a trick....

he has a big following among the indian fan base….why not put him on the UFC242 card, Abu dhabi has a huge indian population, and he could have gone after that fight…..

ONE's lack of weigh-in results has me worried that vera isn't gonna have to actually cut weight to fight aung.

Olympic level wrestler

with very little athleticism, terrible cardio, and no stand up skills. You already have this UFC, he just got TKOd by Greg Hardy.

Swipe left.

And Aung is a BOSS

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