Georges St-Pierre uninterested in fight with Anderson Silva ‘right now’

Georges St-Pierre says he could return before the end of the year. Anderson Silva was just cleared by USADA and can fight in the fall.

Could the two all-time greats be on a collision course in a fight a decade in the making?

Probably not, GSP told Submission Radio in an interview this week in Australia. The former UFC welterweight and middleweight champion, who is doing a speaking tour of continent, said that he doesn’t think he’d benefit much from fighting Silva at this juncture.

“Right now, I don’t think it’s a win-win situation for me, because I have a lot more to lose than to win right now fighting against Anderson Silva,” GSP said.

Years ago, it seemed like the two would clash in a superfight. GSP was the longtime welterweight champion, holding the title for five years from 2008 to 2013. Silva held the middleweight title from 2006 to 2013. There were talks of the two meeting for a long time and fans clamored for it.

Things are certainly different now. GSP, 37, has not fought since UFC 217 last November, when he returned from a four-year layoff to defeat Michael Bisping and win the middleweight title. Silva has been a bit more active than St-Pierre, but has been out for more than a year dealing with a USADA suspension.

St-Pierre said when they were both champions and the UFC wanted them to fight, he had requested extra drug testing. Silva never tested positive for anything then, but has now popped twice in the last three years. The latter, though, came from a contaminated supplement and USADA gave him a reduced suspension.

The UFC didn’t agree to extra testing at that time, GSP said, though now it uses USADA as its anti-doping partner.

“This fight was interesting at a certain point when I had a lot of contenders in my division,” St-Pierre said. “This fight, if it would have been made, I wanted it to be made with extra performance-enhancing drug testing, which UFC was not a fan about it, because they didn’t want VADA to be a part of it.”

St-Pierre said he also wanted the fight to be a catchweight, because it would be difficult for him to bounce back to welterweight after fighting at middleweight against Silva. The move to middleweight proved a difficult one for GSP last year. Despite beating Bisping, he came down with ulcerative colitis, a digestive issue, after the bout, due to the packing on of pounds.

In an interview with MMA Fighting’s Guilherme Cruz last month, Silva expressed interest in a fight with St-Pierre one day happening.

“Anything is possible in the UFC, man,” Silva said. “It’s a very eclectic company, with a broad vision of the sport. They are going through a new moment, a moment of entertainment, so anything can happen.”


I think most fans are uninterested in this fight.

Nothing to gain for either fighter.

Anderson is tainted and to many, disgraced. If he wins, the cloud of test failures looms.

Georges gains nothing by fighting him. A whole lot of better fights are out there for him.

I have no interest in this fight.

Silva has no clear wins in years. The fight against Brunson was a robbery. He needed steroids to beat a WW.

He ruined his legacy. GSP still has one. No point in fighting Silva.

Thats good. Even in 2013, this wasnt the fight to make.

They should make GSP vs Askren.

On JRE GSP said he’d love to fight Askren

Buy nobody knows who he is. Something about stocks and exposing hisself to the public.

Silva doesn’t deserve the fight

If Georges doesn’t get a crack at the LW belt, he should retire for good

Or fight askren for the undisputed best ww of all times.

I 100% agree!

Askren is impressive

But check their resumes. It isn’t disputed at all.

GSP has matured into leadership for MMA.

Just listen to his interviews. He is the MAN for competitive & career advice. Still room for others, and which he graciously accedes to.

Absolutely the Khabib / Conor winner is THE match for GSP. Stick to it GSP, stand by it!

This fight makes no sense for GSP, if he wins that was expected if he loses to an over the hill Anderson Silva it leaves a mark on his fine resume.

He deserves to pick and choose his opponents.

I actually think Anderson could still give GSP a lot of trouble.

GSP looked hurt at times against Bisping, and I don’t think any of us doubt that Anderson probably hits harder.

Then again, Bisping is never afraid to engage like Anderson is sooo… who knows?

JBJ vs The Spider at MSG

And both get a dick pill exemptions.

Silva hasn't had a good performance since the first Weidman fight and understandably so

And this fight has no appeal to it without a belt on the line.

I'm not impressed, mother effer.

I’m not surprised either.

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