Gegard Mousasi to defend Bellator middleweight title against Rory MacDonald in September

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Rory MacDonald wanted it. Gegard Mousasi wanted it. And now it’s going to happen.

Mousasi will defend his Bellator middleweight title against welterweight champion Rory MacDonald on Sept. 29 in San Jose, Calif., sources confirmed Thursday with MMA Fighting. ESPN was the first to report the news of the superfight.

Mousasi (44-6-2) won the Bellator middleweight title by first-round TKO over Rafael Carvalho at Bellator 200 last month. The former UFC top contender has won seven straight overall. Mousasi, 32, signed with Bellator last year, leaving the UFC despite being one of the higher ranked middleweights in the world. He was perhaps Bellator’s most significant signing to date.

MacDonald (20-4) has won two in a row since coming over to Bellator from the UFC. The Canadian fighter won the Bellator welterweight title by unanimous decision over Douglas Lima at Bellator 192 in January. MacDonald, 28, has won five of his last seven fights and was a title contender in the UFC against Robbie Lawler.

There is no official number placed on the Bellator event yet. San Jose is the longtime home base of Bellator president Scott Coker and big cards come to the city on a regular basis. This main event would be one of the best ones — in terms of quality of fighter — in Bellator history.

Sources also confirmed ESPN’s confirmation that Quinton Jackson will face Wanderlei Silva on the same Bellator card Sept. 29. Silva had posted about it earlier this week on social media.


great fight for Bellator just not one that interest me personal.

I think Gegard has everything to lose and even then he has to put in one of his lazy showings for me to be convince rory can win. rory is tall but he has been out muscle by ww before.

I can't think of a single welterweight who out muscled Rory

In fact he dominated both Lawler (in the rematch) and Woodley in the clinch, that’s two very strong welterweights.

Good point...

I also find it interesting that Marc only used "former title contender against Lawler" as his accolade for Rory. It seems at least as impressive, if not more, to point out that he has a win over the current UFC champ.

Ya that line had me furrowing my brows.

Never seen anyone out muscle him.

Leaning towards Gegard regardless but it should be a great fight.

Hope you're right..

but think Moose will be too much. Nothing against Rory but think Moose will force Rory to strike like Thompson. Don’t see this ending well for Rory.


but don’t think it’s Rorys muscle or grappling that makes him elite at clinch range. Rory dominates at clinch range because of nasty striking/combos .

Yep I think it's more skills and constant pressure/strikes than strength

I was just saying that nobody ever overpowered him because of a muscle mass difference like what we saw in Colby vs RDA for example.

HUGE fight!

Very interested.

If you’re not, you must be diablo jr.

Don't like this for Rory

I don’t see a path to victory for him. Rory is very well rounded but Mousasi is also very well rounded and naturally 20-30 lbs bigger.

Rorys not gonna outstrike Gegard

And he doesn’t have the wrestling pedigree to take down Moose.
This should be a pretty straightforward fight.

Yeah especially once Rory's face is turned into a casserole (1-5 good shots pretty much).

good sized ww vs good sized mw. recall what schlemenko did who's basically a ww. similar reach. size factors but dont think massively


It’s a nightmare of a match up for Rory

Good job Bellator

I really like this fight.

Great fight.

One of the most legit fights they can make.

Just what I thought

Its kinda BS these guys will get a shit ton of love when neither has defended their belt like Conor, no one will be harsh with Gegard for calling out a smaller fighter like they were with Dillashaw….. those things so many people piss and moan about….

At the same time, still a UFC PPV co-main event level fight and Im going to be watching for sure.


"ts kinda BS these guys will get a shit ton of love when neither has defended their belt like Conor"

If there was any way to try and pull a negative spin on this, you just did your best. Furthermore, bringing Conor into this? WTF?

He's talking about the double standards that happen, and even gives an example.........

Not relevant

Conor has been champion how long? And he hasn’t fought the competition these guys have fought. Conor still has to prove himself as a legend whereas these guys just are…. That’s the standard.

These guys are legends, but not Conor?

What learning disability is it that you have?

Anyhow, I knew the hypocrites I was bringing up would have to show up and defend themselves

Haha you are so salty

The difference is in the talent pool of their respective division

There is no clear number one contender at 170 or 185, not to mention Conor held division in hostage for years. If after the super fight, Rory and Gegard avoid title defenses like the plague they will get a harsh backlash from the fans trust me.

Pay no mind

He’s just pushing his usual anti-Bellator agenda.

Gegard calling out a smaller fighter?

Rory has been gunning for Gegard since the moment he signed. He was practically begging for a chance to fight him. Gegard simply replied. Let’s not twist the facts around here. Regardless of what you think his chances are, Rory wanted this fight bad!

Rory also said he wanted into the HW grand prix, Rory has said all kinds of things since he got there

3 division champ, etc

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