UFC announces Contender Series debut date for Nick Newell, opponent change for Greg Hardy

Nick Newell

Two of the Contender Series’ most intriguing names are one step closer to seeing their potential UFC dreams come true.

On Saturday’s UFC 224 broadcast, several dates were announced for Season 2 of Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series, which is set to kick off on June 12.

Along with women’s flyweight Antonina Shevchenko, the sister of top 125-pound contender Valentina Shevchenko, former NFL player Greg Hardy and congenital amputee Nick Newell are generating plenty of buzz ahead of their Zuffa debuts.

Hardy has won all three of his amateur bouts by first-round knockout. The 29-year-old embarked on an MMA career after his NFL run — which included stints with the Carolina Panthers and Dallas Cowboys — ended in a shroud of controversy with a domestic violence case and a cocaine possession charge contributing to his exile from the league.

Originally scheduled to fight Brandon Sayles, Hardy will now instead face fellow ex-NFLer Austen Lane. The former Jacksonville Jaguars draft pick is considerably more experienced than Hardy, having compiled a 4-0 professional record and a 4-0 amateur record.

Newell has long campaigned for a chance to compete in the UFC and his Contender Series bout has been scheduled for July 24, with an opponent to be announced. Despite being born with the lower part of his left arm missing, the 32-year-old has won 14 of 15 pro MMA fights, with his only loss coming to current UFC lightweight standout Justin Gaethje.

Fighters who compete and win on the Contender Series are not guaranteed contracts, but Season 1 episodes saw UFC president Dana White typically choose one or two fighters from each episode to reward with a shot at the big show.

Season 2 will air on UFC Fight Pass from June 12-Aug. 7.


Antonina Shevchenko

is absolutely beautiful.

Some awesome fighters lined up, especially Antonina, also very happy for Nick. It's about time!

Antonina Shevchenko

I believe fights at 125, same as her sister and if so will probably cone out of this in the UFC and ranked in the top 15 125er’s.

People need to remember no sibling fights

New opponent announced for Hardy

His ex…. cos apparently ufc is down with that.

I thought they were going to say greg is fighting nick for a second. I think that would be a little be interesting to watch.

The wife beater taking a beating from guy with one arm and probably choked out by first round.

probably not

Hardy is a HW, Newell a LW with 1 1/2 arms

good point, might not beat up greg but I can still see him sub greg. Nick 1/2 arm is oddly very hard to defend against because don't having anything to grab on.

Innocent until proven guilty.

Proven guilty I actually don’t think execution is out of line. Hardy is not a convicted criminal of domestic violence, such a stupid term, I have no problem with the UFC giving him a shot on the contender series.

Oh yeah edit to add War Nick.

Wow I couldn't agree less.

Just out of curiosity, which part don't you agree with him on?

the ‘if proven guilty, execution is fine’ line or the ‘he hasn’t been convicted, so we shouldn’t treat him as a criminal’ part?

Gee I wonder why I've never heard of Austen Lane

And I see multiple articles on that hardy character that is a horrible fighter and a horrible person.

Total gimmick

Shameless gimmick!

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