Video: Floyd Mayweather steps into MMA cage, Conor McGregor responds

Esther Lin, Showtime

Floyd Mayweather is entering the cage... literally.

Despite recently dismissing the notion that he might consider taking an MMA fight (presumably with rival Conor McGregor), the boxing legend apparently decided it would be fun to post a 10-second clip of himself stepping into an MMA cage on Tuesday, which you can watch above.

It didn’t take long for McGregor to respond:

Mayweather defeated McGregor by 10th-round TKO in a blockbuster boxing match last August, but the two have continued to go back-and-forth on social media. It has kept talks of a potential rematch alive even with Mayweather supposedly retiring following their encounter, and McGregor having provided no timeline as to when he plans to fight again.


Looks like Floyd's been in a cage more recently than Conor then

conor just fought in bellator

give the man a break

OMG this is fu$king happening - the deal was made last year-as part of a 2 fight deal.

maymac 2 in the cage for the UFC lightweight championship of the world

you heard it here first sheeple.

mayweather could win too – think about it conor doesn’t shoot anyway.

think about the deal rumors early this year.
what about what floyd said last year?
why wasn’t conor stripped?
now you see floyd in the cage?

gonna change the world these crazy mf’ers

make it happen dana…

Conor wasn't stripped

Because he’s about to fight Nate again. The UFC is waiting to see how Tony vs Khabib plays out. Tony wins Conor doesn’t get stripped, Khabib wins Conor gets stripped. Simple as that.

lol yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa right

I hate Connor but even I know that Connor would annihilate Mayweather. Mayweather’s brittle hands would crumble after a jab in those 4 inch gloves

hmm the hands - could be a big problem.

but nate for a title? I dont think they risk nate being champ

4 inch gloves

That’s a new one.

Keep following the sport buddy, we all had to start out somewhere.

Mayweather never has been, and never will be, the kind of fighter to take crazy risks.

That’s McGregor.

If he faced GGG...

That would be a crazy risk. Floyd was perfect. He had the name, the career, the PPV attraction but he wasn’t the kind of fighter that would take Conor’s head off. He did exactly what was expected, wore him down and then finished him off. GGG might have put him in traction.

Are you saying you want McGregor to face GGG?

Any other requests? How about he just defends one of the two UFC titles he’s won?

Of course not...

I’m saying that would be a crazy risk. I can’t see anything else he has done as a crazy risk.

This dude gravitates directly toward fights he's not favored to win.

He tried to fight RDA, a wrestler who’d easily be favored to win, immediately after beating Aldo to win the belt that he could have easily, easily defended.

He insisted on a Diaz rematch when Diaz was not only the first UFC fighter to challenge him in any way, but actually destroyed him.

He also, for his first ever boxing match, fought some really good boxing champion, I forget his name.


He fights when he has nothing to lose and everything to gain. His greatest ability is being able to appear courageous and daring when in reality he has back door excuses ready to go in case he loses or a new narrative to spin that’d maintain his daring and risk taking image.

Most people are able to see through his shananigans now. One’s true character eventually comes out.

Vitola said it well...

I don’t know how "easily" Conor could have defended the FW belt. Because he never did. A rematch with Aldo or a fight with Frankie would have been risky and he was on his way to LW. And RDA was the champ. If he wanted to be a two division champ that was the path. It wasn’t a "crazy risk". And Nate was a step down competition wise from RDA and yes, he got his ass beat and needed that rematch. Smart that he did it at 170 because if he got beat at LW against Nate there goes his shot at the LW belt. As far as Floyd, I have already explained why that was a perfect scenario for him. He would get a chance to look good even tho he had no chance of winning and got paid a fuckton. I just don’t see these "crazy risks" you are talking about.

The hate is strong with you guys. The real risk would be for you to get over your emotions and stop twisting so hard to explain away the things he's done.

McGregor tears through a division and becomes champ without breaking a sweat, finishing Mendes, finishing Aldo, and when he goes for 155 next, haters say he’s avoiding guys like Edgar—who only seem like a tough fight for him on paper. Nobody at 145 was going to compete with him, and even though nearly every other UFC champ in history has chosen not to do it, McGregor sought the bigger challenge.

He challenges the higher weight class champ, RDA, something only Couture and Penn had done, despite being a terrible matchup for him, and you guys have no respect for that challenge because you simply can’t do it—you hate him. He actually does it—first guy in UFC history to have two belts simultaneously—no respect from haters, because it was Alvarez, as if Alvarez had not just knocked out RDA like a killer. Insane.

McGregor then challenges the greatest boxer of our generation, having never been in a boxing match, guaranteed to lose at best, or at worst to be embarrassed on the biggest stage imaginable, the whole world watching, he risks all of that, and those who have already decided to hate him no matter what happens will insist that the payday makes this fight no risk at all. An amateur choosing to fight Floyd Mayweather. It is an insane proposition, and anyone in the world—except McGregor haters—would agree that it’s a crazy risk, because Mayweather might just spin circles around him. McGregor might just not land a punch. Even boxing experts like Max Kellerman said so.

I can’t believe the idea of McGregor taking risks has to be defended. For how much the haters claim McGregor fans can’t see reason, it seems they are just as bad or worse.


the guy was huge for FW. He belongs at LW and yet even still guys like Frankie or Max would be huge challenges for him today. And, yes, he challenged RDA, he was the champ and Conor wanted no part of FW anymore. What the fuck else was he supposed to do?
And he was embarrassed by Floyd, as was expected. Floyd let it go and let Conor tire out, as was expected. And then he put him away easily, as was expected. And Conor got paid and fought a guy who was perfectly suited for him, who understood the show part of it all.
Conor is a great talent and one of the most exciting fighters to watch. But he’s not fighting anymore, he’s not taking "crazy risks" and he hasn’t in the past. Don’t use this hater bullshit as a cop out. These are the facts. He did some great things but none of them were "crazy risks". Period.

"OMG, OMG, OMG" ! ... fkn fanboys

Media feeds you shit you don’t even chew it, you swallow it whole!

Cyborg is s good person. Too bad this sport is full of asshole trolls

I read your previous posts – you are a true winner.

Don't buy the hype

The same was said the first time too.

Not happening

Conor would hurt him so badly it would destroy his brand. I definitely don’t need to see that.

I need to see it.

Floyd has a much better chance than Conor did, IMO.

Unless Conor takes the easy way out and immediately shoots for a takedown.


The first inside leg kick would crumple Mayweather’s chicken legs. Conor wouldn’t even have to throw a punch.

McGregor doesn't have the kicking power to decimate someone's leg in one shot..

He throws his leg kicks more to find range and keep the opponent guessing than he does to cause damage.
Best believe that if he throws the same little kicks at Floyd as he did to Nate, Floyd’s right hand would come flying back at his face in no time.

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