Report: UFC veteran Chris Leben pleads guilty in felony assault weapon case

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Chris Leben seems to have taken a plea deal.

The UFC veteran pleaded guilty Monday to three criminal charges, including a felony charge of possession of an assault weapon in San Diego district court, NBC San Diego reported. The two misdemeanor charges were vandalism and violation of a temporary restraining order.

Leben, who retired from the UFC in 2013, was accused of scaling a wall and entering his estranged wife's apartment, one in which he used to live, in June. An assault weapon was later found in a maintenance closet a few floors away from the apartment that belonged to Leben, according to a police report.

Prosecutors told NBC San Diego that Leben is expected to get probation at his Aug. 31 sentencing.

Leben did not respond to a request for comment Tuesday afternoon.

Leben's wife, Kaleena, wrote in a request for the restraining order that she awoke around 3 a.m. on June 8 to the sound of someone banging and kicking at her door, according to NBC. Ninety minutes later, she wrote she saw Leben scaling the outside wall and then fled on foot to a neighbor's home.

Immediately after the incident, a .45-caliber hangun was found on Kaleena's bed, according to a San Diego Police Department report, per NBC.

A day before the incident, Kaleena said Leben threatened to murder her father in a text message, she wrote in the restraining order.

Leben told last week that he had not been the perpetrator of any domestic violence, despite online reports. Leben accused Kaleena of abusing him and causing him emotional anguish. The two had been together for nine years.

"When it's 2 a.m. and my wife decides to attack me and I have to run barefoot out of the house and find somewhere to sleep, it's tough," Leben said. "And I put up with that for years."

In the restraining order, Kaleena alleges that Leben was violent with her on multiple occasions, including one in 2011 when she describes being rushed to the hospital for staples in her head after Leben allegedly pushed her into a wall.

Leben said everything in the restraining order is a lie.

"When it comes to my character, that's the one thing I hold dear," Leben told MMA Fighting. "I'm an outlaw with ethics. You know what I'm saying? There's honor among thieves. There's certain laws I don't f*cking believe in and there [are] others I believe in. There's a certain way I live my life and one thing I would never do is beat or hurt a woman ever. And any man that ever does that is a f*cking piece of sh*t and deserves to get shot in the head. I've never done anything like that."



I hope Leben gets help. Same with Mayhem. Sorry for grouping them together, but yeah.

They deserved to be grouped together.

Both formerly beloved figures in the MMA world who likely suffered brain damage in addition to ongoing substance abuse. I wish them both the best but must of all I wish they create no more victims.

Not really

Leben knows what it’s like to have his hand raised in the octagon.

He says he's also a victim of abuse.

Why doesn’t his word count for anything with you? You don’t recognize the mere possibility he may be being more truthful than someone who may have an agenda to paint him look like the abuser? Does a man not have the right to dignity of not being attacked physically by his wife/girlfriend. emmery doens’t think so…

War Machine also says he was ambushed

Problem is, Leben was the one charged. Leben was the one arrested. Leben was the one who PLEAD FUCKING GUILTY. Goofball.

Guilty people don’t lie? And even if Leben was attacked in some measure, he is a male trained expert martial artist and one of the most physically dangerous 1% of men on the planet. His partner isn’t.

Emmery these are two different people with seperate individual circumstances!

So you’re case for prosecution of Chris Leben is that War Machine made an indirectly somewhat kinda sorta similar case for self-defense? So if you were trying chris Leben as a judge, you would just say "Oh War Machine said the same thing…verdict GUILTY!" Thank God You Are not a judge!

In every post, you deliberately misunderstand the point.

There is no point talking to you.

So I just got a message from SBNation warning about Victim Blaming....

Really? Read my above statement! Im saying if a woman says she is a victim of abuse, we all need to take those allegations seriously and unload justice if they be proven true, but just the same if a man, such as Leben says he was physically attacked by his wife and forced to run out of his home barefoot why shouldnt we also take that into a account? How am I victim blaming? Listen Im all for the eradication of domestic violence, but that includes men being hit as well. And to be cesnored or warned about expressing that is scary!

He plead guilty to three charges stemming from the incident

And is a trained pro fighter. Only complete morons and scumbags would side with a pro fighter who violated restraining orders, who plead guilty, who was arrested with multiple firearms during the incident because he claimed in some post that he was really the victim. The fruitcake has already plead guilty to numerous charges over the incident. Stop posting about this.

Everyone seems to want to believe Leben because of his lovable brawler career

but there is no reason to, and only reason to believe he committed the crimes he has plead guilty to committing. These are heinous acts, And I feel for his victim.

These threads are typically ban traps. So let me get out in front of it and tell everyone to tread lightly.

^ He is the one who knocks

Man..I really thought Leben got the help he needed........The future is not looking so bright for him....

Some serious Sh@t going on……

Hope he gets help

UFC should give TUF 1 guys jobs.

At least give him some community service hours


This article is written poorly. There are things that happened that late night that supposedly are in the request for restraining order. Either they happened that night or they were part of the restraining order; not both. I mean how could he violate a restraining order that hadn’t been filed yet?

It seems that the explanation for the apparent logical inconsistency is that there was a temporary restraining order already in place. After this incident his ex-wife requested a permanent restraining order, which was granted.

This is really sad.

He was always one of my favorite fighters. I hope he can get some help.

I was just wondering to myself today how many non wife beaters are in the ufc these days.
I’d now say: "none" as I find myself wondering how many non liers there are. Shit, even GSP stands up for felons.
(edited) … cause I sure can’t support fucking felons. Call me a hypocrite, but I’d much rather live in a world of internet piracy than fucking violent offenders. Goddamn.

...had too much wine, now I can't even delete my comment?

Fuck these comment sections, I ain’t ever gonna comment again.
I agree with the above comment on being sad as an ex Leban fan.
I’m outta here forever.
Later fellas.

No, comments can only be deleted by mods.

Sorry bro. You won’t be missed.


How alot of you guys are quick to take the woman’s side. Domestic violence is a huge problem and shouldn’t be tolerated. That being said it is also a line of defense for a shity woman to use. Let’s give leban the benefit of the doubt until there is evidence stating otherwise. Here say is not and will never be evidence and here I see people comparing him to other fighters they are two separate cases and we should treat them as such. Leben is at least TRYING! When was the first time fuck the last time mayhem stated he was getting help…well never to my recollection but Leban has reached out to help himself on multiple occasions so yeah two different people all togeather.

There are no words for how stupid posts like this are

People who say these things are not intelligent people nor are they good people.

"always take the womans side"

Clown, look at the domestic violence statistics. How many men are beaten to death by women? How many? I’ll wait for your numbers. Women are almost always the victims in these situations.

Further, "wait for evidence" How about the fucking guns they found? How about the GUILTY PLEA? The guy already plead guilty, you complete donk. There is no evidence to wait for. There will be no trial. Its over already. Holy shit.

And you claim its a shitty line women use. Could it not then, also be a line men use? Like in this case?


I’m not talking shit on domestic violence I stated it should never be tolerated but to say that it’s moronic to see both sides is not being open to discussion. He states that she lied may be true may not be true but its an argument here. To not look at cases where people have been falsly caused is moronic. I’m not attacking anyone here but I must be a complete moron to simply state facts. Domestic violence is horrible but so are those who lie about it period. Now if this is too hard to swallow ban me I’m fine with that. I don’t want be a part of a one-sided forum anyway. However I will never attack anyone but probably will be misunderstood.

He plead guilty homeboy

There are no more fucking facts to wait for.

Men dont report being hit genius!

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