Dana White: UFC calls Drew Dober-Leandro Silva result 'bullsh*t'

Jason da Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Leandro Silva was attempting a guillotine, but Drew Dober was fine. Dober was in half guard and Silva was about to give up on the choke.

That's when referee Eduardo Herdy stepped in to call the fight. Herdy must have thought Dober tapped, because he inexplicably awarded the bout to Silva by submission in the second round at UFC Fight Night: Maia vs. LaFlare on Saturday in Rio de Janeiro.

UFC president Dana White called it "one of the biggest referee screw-ups of all time" on the FOX Sports 1 post-fight show. White said the UFC will give Dober his win bonus and also petition the Brazilian MMA commission (CABMMA) to overturn the result into a no contest.

"Everybody in this room and everybody on this planet knows that was bullsh*t," White said at the post-fight press conference. "Hopefully that can be overturned into a no-contest and we do it fair."

White, though, was not totally confident that would actually get done.

"[It's] probably gonna be tough to do, because these athletic commissions, they protect their own," he said on FS1. "They'll back up their refs. But this one is so blatant, so bad, I just don't see how you don't overturn this and make this a no contest."

Dober (15-7) was classy in defeat immediately after the fight talking to color commentator Kenny Florian. But it was obvious that he was incredibly bummed about getting robbed of a fight.

"You train," Dober said. "You put your heart, your soul, you bleed, you cry, and the referee stops the fight for no reason. He said that I needed to tap three times, and I did not tap once."

Meanwhile, Silva (18-2) tried to keep up the charade.

"For me, he blacked out," he said. "A win is a win, and that is what I was looking for."

White said that Herdy should never referee another MMA fight again, though he heard that he is actually a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. FOX Sports analyst Brian Stann backed White up, saying that Herdy should be stripped of his license to ref.

"Anybody who follows this sport knows that guy wasn't in any danger right there," White said. "He actually was just slipping out of it and he was on the top position, where he could have done damage or possibly finished the fight and this guy calls it."

White said his regulatory people would absolutely push the CABMAA to make the bout a no contest.

"Nothing against the kid who won," White said. "He didn't make the call. He's happy. But that was bullshit and it needs to be fixed."


To be clear

The referee thought Dober was unconscious, not that he tapped. He stepped in as soon as Dober’s arm went to the mat, grabbing his arm like a referee does when they’re checking to see if the guy is conscious. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not excusing him, that’s still an explicable move, but he didn’t imagine a tap that wasn’t there, he was just trying to protect what he mistakenly thought was a fighter who was unconscious.

Yes, it’s a terrible call and shows a complete lack of awareness. But how many times have we seen a guy black out and it takes way too long for the referee to step in? That is much, much worse than stepping in too soon. Again, both are very bad, I’m not defending this referee, but referees have done much worse. I’ll take a referee who steps in prematurely over one who steps in too late every day.

I think he was checking to see if he was conscious

And it was at the exact same time that Silva was letting go. The ref thought Silva let go because he was calling the fight, and at that point felt obligated to call it. The last thing he’d want is the Brazilian crowd on him for breaking up a submission.

The fact is nobody watching thought Dober was out except for the guy paid to figure it out. I want a referee that has a brain, not one that errs on the side of caution to a ridiculous degree.

Did you watch the fight?

It was so obvious that he was completely fine… it was also obvious that he was actively trying to escape (and did escape).

great stoppage it won me money

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she jumping for gold ;)

on a more serious note go hang yourself

Wow trash is trash

Turks Idiot

Some people don’t care about fair or how they make their money you and your momma are just two of em!

You're such a classless piece of trash troll! LOL Hey KillDez, the adults are having a conversation. Go sit in the corner.

It's called a joke

On top of that

They were in half guard…Is it even possible to get the leverage to choke him out from there?

Is it possible? Yes, if his body cut off one artery and his forearm got the other

It’s all about the PLACEMENT of the pressure on the money zones, not the brute force. If there isn’t even application of pressure for so many seconds, it is IMPOSSIBLE to put em to sleep though

Well no

He immediately kept saying to Dober "You tapped" afterwards and the announcement was "by tapout," so it wasn’t mistaken consciousness.

Exactly. The official name given to the finish was submission by tap out.

I can’t tap out if I’ve been put to sleep, unless I’m convulsing… in which case, que the chicken dance music and watch the show. I’m going for the performance of the night bonus

allan white your a moron

this ref is a bjj black belt he should know dober wasnt in danger

how about maybe not having to grab pitchforks and witch hunt a man who just did a fuckup?

do you have people breathing down your neck at work making press conferences after a mistake of yours?

hmmm forget it, just found out he’s a pig.

Your an idiot

There was no danger not even close a 5 year old knows that

I agree you want a ref to step in early rather then late but...

He just had no clue of what was going on! How does a ref not know that a guillotine from halfguard on the far side doesn’t work? It needs a hell of a lot of commitment to make that work and very obviously that wasn’t the case. Dober simply planted his arm after Silva let go of the choke because it was futile to go on at that point. Making him look like an idiot in the post fight interview… What a douche, prancing around like he had won something. It was a close fight and Dober had just gotten top controll. Bullshit call and worthy of being called a no-contest. Which probably won’t happen because when it comes to bureaucracy people all of the sudden turn into complete morons…

It's pretty hard to disagree with Uncle Dana on that one.

Dober was ok.
He was in a tough place but because of the position wasn’t in immediate danger.
What I don’t understand is why the ref tried Dober’s arm and without any kind of assessement, just stopped the fight!
I think the ref’s late stoppage earlier put the willies up him a little.
Come back Kim & Mazza, all is forgiven!

Such a disappointment for the young Dober.
I was a little peeved that Silva said he ‘felt him tap’, in the post fight in ring interview with Anik & translator.
Because, that was a lie.

I hope it is overturned, because that is as unfair, as unfair can be.
One day, when we have instant replays, these things will be remembered as the bad old days..

The crazy thing is that Dobber was in advantengous position to defend choke

His body was across arm making it extremely hard to choke a guy out unless ridiculous strong or just not very good with chokes. Its very rare for anyone to get put to sleep when guy is position he is in. Much like triangle choke if it is not properly connected it makes very hard to put a guy to sleep. So seems extra unfair when he was doing everything right as possible to defend choke and not expend extra energy letting guy tire and eventual let go. Which all happen in fight.

Bro it IS rare, but having put dozens of people asleep with so much as 4 fingers I can say there is a lot of grey area there.

Some people you throttle them for several minutes and they never go out. One guy wouldn’t tap or sleep then later that night found himself in bed temporarily paralyzed (he’s ok though) Some people take the usual several seconds after even pressure is applied to the arteries. It’s possible that he may have started to get woozy after all that pressure on the one side. Maybe he was using his rib cage to put pressure on the other side of the neck? If you visualize hard enough, you CAN pull off some funky chokes if you know exactly what you’re doing. I still think it’s bullshit but we’ve got to explore this possiblilty

I believe you can visualize anything

But the fact is it was a BS choke and a BS CALL!

Yeah, no shit. That point is boring to make because it's been done to death. Do you have a different setting, other than dumbass redneck?

When in a shitty guillotine...

I imagine he was pressing down that arm as hard as he could on the mat while pulling his neck out of that choke.
Strange that Dober wasn’t giving the ref much sign though probably also strange if the ref wasn’t saying anything to the fighter…
Seemed like zero communication from both the athlete and the ref to me. Very odd.

Why would Dober feel the need to communicate to the ref?

He and Silva knew he was in no danger and so should have the referee. This is pure incompetence by the ref. If you don’t know that that technique will hardly ever finish a fight, especially at high level, you should not be in there..

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