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NCAA Wrestling Championships 2012 Results: The Finals

Andrew Carpenean-US PRESSWIRE
Andrew Carpenean-US PRESSWIRE

After a three-day tournament among the nation's best collegiate wrestlers, tonight is the finals for the 2012 NCAA Division I National Wrestling Championships. Join MMA Fighting tonight at 7:30 pm ET as we bring you live results for all ten weight classes. Tonight's event (and the entire tournament) takes place at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis Missouri. The finals will air on ESPN or

Be sure to catch up on the results as well as information about who might be headed into mixed martial arts.

In terms of team points, Penn State University (PSU) - headed by U.S. gold medalist Cael Sanderson - has already mathematically clinched the win. Only points deducted for penalties could force them to lose the title. In addition, PSU is sending five wrestlers to the finalists, more than any other program this year.

Full results below will be updated in real time.


FINAL: Matt McDonough (Iowa) vs. Nicholas Megaludis (Penn State)
Winner: McDonough dec. Megaludis, 4-1


FINAL: Logan Stieber (Ohio State) vs. Jordan Oliver (Oklahoma State)
Winner: Stieber dec. Oliver, 4-3


FINAL: Kellen Russell (Michigan) vs. Montell Marion (Iowa)
Winner: Russell dec. Marion, 6-4 OT


FINAL: Frank Molinaro (Penn State) vs. Dylan Ness (Minnesota)
Winner: Molinaro dec. Ness, 4-1


FINAL: Kyle Dake (Cornell) vs. Derek St. John (iowa)
Winner: Dake dec. St. John, 4-1*


FINAL: David Taylor (Penn State) vs. Brandon Hatchett (Lehigh)
Winner: Taylor dec. Hatchett, 22-7 Tech Fall


FINAL: Nick Amuchastegui (Stanford) vs. Ed Ruth (Penn State)
Winner: Ruth dec. Amuchastegui, 13-2


FINAL: Steve Bosak (Cornell) vs. Quentin Wright (Penn State)
Winner: Bosak dec. Wright, 4-2


FINAL: Cam Simaz (Cornell) vs. Chris Honeycutt (Edinboro)
Winner: Simaz dec. Honeycutt, 7-5


FINAL: Zach Rey (Lehigh) vs. Tony Nelson (Minnesota)
Winner: Nelson dec. Rey, 4-1

* = Dake becomes first wrestler in NCAA history irrespective of weight class to win three national titles in three different weight classes.

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