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NCAA Wrestling Championships 2012 Results: Penn State Rolling Into Finals

For full results, be sure to consult SB Nation. As it stands, Penn State - the team to beat before the entire tournament kicked off - is now sending five wrestlers into the finals. One of them, sophomore David Taylor at 165lbs, has pinned all of his opposition on the way there.

Team scores headed into the finals:

1. Penn State 124.0
2. Minnesota 94.5
3. Iowa 87.5
4. Cornell 86.0
5. Oklahoma State 57

Full results below. Tomorrow's finals begin at 7:30pm ET and will air on ESPN:


Nicholas Megaludis (Penn State) dec. Frank Perrelli (Cornell) 3-2
Matt McDonough (Iowa) dec. Nicholas Bedelyon (Kent St.) 8-5

FINAL: Matt McDonough vs. Megaludis


Jordan Oliver (Oklahoma State) dec. Futrell (Illinois), 8-2
Logan Stieber (Ohio St.) dec. Tony Ramos (Iowa), 4-2

FINAL: Logan Stieber vs. Jordan Oliver


Kellen Russell (Michigan) dec. Hunter Stieber (Ohio State) 4-2
Montell Marion (Iowa) dec. Kendric Maple (Oklahoma) 3-1

FINAL: Kellen Russell vs. Montell Marion


Kyle Dake (Cornell) dec. Ganbayar Sanjaa (American), 4-0
Derek St. John (Iowa) dec. Jason Welch (Northwestern), 5-1

FINAL: Kyle Dake vs. Derek St. John


David Taylor (Penn State) pins Bezkod Abdurakhmonov (Clarion), 4:44
Brandon Hatchett (Lehigh) dec. Josh Asper (Maryland) 5-4

FINAL: David Taylor vs. Brandon Hatchett


Ed Ruth (Penn State) dec. Logan Storley (Minnesota), TF 17-1
Nick Amuchastegui (Stanford) dec. Chris Perry (Oklahoma State) 6-3

FINAL: Nick Amuchastegui vs. Ed Ruth


Quentin Wright (Penn State) dec. Robert Hamlin (Lehigh), 3-2
Steve Bosak (Cornell) dec. Austin Trotman (Appalachian State), 4-2

FINAL: Steve Bosak vs. Quentin Wright


Cam Simaz (Cornell) dec. Cayle Byers (Oklahoma State), 6-3
Chris Honeycutt (Edinboro) dec. Matthew Wilps (Pittsburgh)

FINAL: Cam Simaz vs. Chris Honeycutt


Zach Rey (Lehigh) dec. Flores (American), 6-2
Tony Nelson (Minnesota) dec. Clayton Jack (Oregon St), 4-3

FINAL: Zach Rey vs. Tony Nelson

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