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Morning Report: Cesar Gracie Duels Greg Jackson, Roy Nelson Parties With Coolio

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Saturday is long gone, but the Condit vs. Diaz controversy somehow rages on. The fallout continued in spades yesterday, from Cesar Gracie's belittlement of the judges, to the Condit camp's refusal to sign a rematch. Catch up on all the back-and-forth with today's edition of the Morning Report.



Cesar Gracie calls UFC 143 judging a "perfect storm of incompetence." Still fuming from the judging slight, Gracie minced no words during Monday's episode of The MMA Hour.

Greg Jackson: stick-and-move strategy was "no-brainer." Unsurprisingly, Jackson adamantly defended the pro-Condit decision, explaining, "it's not like we reinvented the wheel."

Fabricio Werdum complains Roy Nelson's face hurt his leg. Days later, Werdum is still feeling the effects from "Big Country's" Homer Simpson-style gameplan.

Carlos Condit's camp not interested in Nick Diaz rematch. Despite the war of words, Condit's manager made it clear that the interim champ has absolutely no interest in an instant rematch.

Brandon Vera explains his withdrawal from Thiago Silva rematch. Beset by a backlash from fans, "The Truth" took to Facebook and clarified his abrupt decision.



Hungry for violence? Check out Yury Bessmertny's crushing knockout of Gago Drago from Thai Boxe Mania. (HT: Liver Kick)

Not enough? Watch Chad Sermon and Brian Kerr revert back to Pride rules (to devastating results) at Shepherdsville's Hardrock MMA 43 event. (HT: Middle Easy)

Yup, this is somehow from the exact same event. This time Braedon Ward and Brandon Bishop suffer a double KO in the most bizarre way imaginable. (HT: Bloody Elbow)

Roy Nelson's Roller-Coaster Weekend, Part 1. (via @roynelsonmma)


Roy Nelson's Roller-Coaster Weekend, Part 2: Coolio Edition.


Wise words from Tim Kennedy.

The vampires in Underworld are what vampires are supposed to be like. Not that g** glitter crap.
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Better hope that tantrum retirement is short-lived.

...I still hope to meet Nick Diaz in the Octagon one day.
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Nik Lentz has a simple solution for all the controversy.

If you are upset at the Diaz/Condit fight, there is a simple fix..Make the cage smaller. Larger areas favor reach, height and evasion. #UFC
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Chael Sonnen still isn't convinced he'll get his fight.

I wouldn't pack for June in Brazil just yet, Eagles. Grab a coat, though, because if this happens Hell is frozen.
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Here's what was announced yesterday (Monday, Feb. 6, 2012):



Today's FPOTD belongs to BE reader KGNLuc: Greasing with water: The tragic, almost complete transcript of what was said in Nick Diaz's corner during UFC 143.

A lot has been said and written about Nick Diaz' fight with Carlos Condit. One point of discussion has been Diaz seeming inability to adapt in a fight that was at least close or - in the opinion of many fans and more importantly the judges - he was losing. Personally I thought Diaz did win the fight, but this is definitely a case of "could've gone either way". More interesting to me is the question, what was going on with Nick, whether he was following a gameplan, if he really did get bad advice by his corner and so on. Luckily, the UFC provides an audio-stream straight from the corner of Nick Diaz. Even more luckily for you gentlemen I had the insane idea to make a transcript of the high-points for the poor suckers who do not get these streams for free like us germans.

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