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UFC 143 Results: Ed Herman Beats Clifford Starks

In the first pay-per-view fight of Saturday night's UFC 143 card, Clifford Starks fought Ed Herman in a middleweight bout. For Herman, it was his third consecutive win after missing nearly two years with a knee injury. For Starks, it was the first loss of his MMA career.

"He was laying some good right hands on me. Fortunately I've got a good chin because he hit me hard a few times," Herman said. "When I started attacking with the choke I didn't feel him fighting it so I kept going and thankfully got the finish."

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The first round was fairly even, with Starks and Herman clinching against the cage early and going to the ground late, and neither man gaining much of an advantage. Starks appeared to land the harder punches and probably deserved to win the round.

But at the start of the second round Herman did exactly what he needed to do, throwing Starks on the ground and getting into side control, then transitioning into full mount before taking Starks' back and sinking in the rear-naked choke to force Starks to tap.

Herman improves his professional MMA record to 20-8, and he's been looking great since returning from that injury. Short Fuse is back.