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India's SFL Announces YouTube Deal, Thompson-Sapp Main Event

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Daniel Berehulak, Getty Images
Daniel Berehulak, Getty Images

The upstart India-based Super Fight League promotion announced Monday a three-year deal with YouTube, kicking off with its inaugural March 11 event in Mumbai headlined by a super heavyweight bout between James Thompson and Bob Sapp.

SFL, which is calling itself India's first professionally organized MMA league, said it will share with Google revenues from sponsorships and advertising on the SFL YouTube channel.

The promotion was founded late 2011 by IPL (cricket) investor Raj Kundra and Bollywood acting star Sanjay Dutt. Controversial former MMA agent Ken Pavia has been tapped as CEO.

The decision to pit Thompson and Sapp in the main event will surely attract negative attention. Sapp, who lost over the weekend to Rolles Gracie, has lost eight of his last 10 MMA fights in the first round. Meanwhile, Thompson has lost 12 of his last 17.

Additional bouts are to be announced.