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Morning Report


Josh Barnett reveals why Eddie Alvarez played a part in his rejection of the UFC's contract offer and Dan Henderson claims Anderson Silva "manipulates the UFC" for favorable opposition on today's...


UFC's Prospect List: Early 2013

Dana White has said that every member of this seasons TUF will get to pay their dues in the Octagon, so the prospect list may sit on the shelves of the UFC scouters. Once the TUF alum begin to pick...


Don't Waste Time on Timmah: 4 Prospects That Would Be More Worth the Time and Money

via You know, I don't hate Tim Sylvia. I really don't. He's one of many fighters that I'm simply indifferent to. He had his time in the sun, and I think that time is done. I know...

Scouting Report Review - Heavyweights


If there is one fighter whose profile among mixed martial arts fans benefited the most due to his inclusion in the 2011 World MMA Scouting Report, it was M-1 Challenge Heavyweight Champion Guram...

Video Interviews for Dream: Fight For Japan


Video Interviews for DREAM: Fight For Japan