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‘Bruised’ review: Halle Berry tells a gritty, yet predictable tale set in MMA world


Here’s our review for the new film "Bruised" starring Halle Berry as a disgraced ex-UFC fighter looking for a second chance.

Daniel Cormier cast in ‘Warrior’ TV spin-off


Former two-division champion Daniel Cormier is set for a starring role in a spin-off of the 2011 MMA film "Warrior."


Fighting Fiction: The First (And Last) Great MMA Film

It’s been almost a decade since "Warrior" debuted at the box office. We’ve yet to see anyone attempt an MMA drama since ... even though the under-appreciated film was solid.

‘The Way Back’ director Gavin O’Connor explains how ‘verisimilitude is everything’ when making a legit MMA movie


With his new film "The Way Back" landing in theaters on Friday, director Gavin O’Connor explains how he made arguably the best movie set in the world of mixed martial arts with his movie "Warrior."

MMA at the Movies: A Comprehensive Guide


MMA has managed to claw its way into movie pop culture, but only in small doses. Allow me to be your tour guide through a brief history of an unfortunate fad.