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UFC veteran Mike Swick announces cancer diagnosis: ‘Toughest and most aggressive battle I have ever had’


A member of the original The Ultimate Fighter season, Mike Swick competed in 15 UFC bouts.

WFL executive unveils first details of new league-based promotion, plans for 2023 launch


WFL exec Darren Owen revealed new details of the team-based league’s structure and plans for 2022 and beyond.

New MMA promotion to feature union, CBA and GSP


The World Fight League is promising a team-based MMA competition.

GSP ‘Hated’ Fighting — ‘I Was Crying’

Former UFC champion Georges St-Pierre admits he hated fighting in MMA and would cry before his fights, though he also relished the sport’s many rewards.

GSP: ‘I Miss The Feeling Of Winning’

The Canadian legend considers his new place in UFC’s Hall of Fame and shares the turmoil that gripped him every time he fought.