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Opinion: If Ngannou wants to box, the UFC shouldn’t get a cut


UFC reportedly took half of Conor McGregor’s purse for the Irishman’s bout against Floyd Mayweather. Ngannou absolutely shouldn’t accept that kind of deal.

Mayweather Announces Boxing Return Against Rich Kid

Floyd Mayweather in talks to make his boxing return against "Money Kicks" (Rashed Belhasa) on the famed helipad at Burj Al Arab Jumeirah hotel on Feb. 20 in Dubai.

Paul outlines goals for 2022, includes healing back from ‘carrying the sport of boxing’ 


The YouTuber-turned-boxer has outlined his main goals for the new year.

Pouty Paul Stiffed By Mayweasel

Logan Paul claims Floyd Mayweather Jr. owes him money after their exhibition boxing match back in June, a fight "Pretty Boy" won by unanimous decision.

Mayweather, White Land On Paul’s Boxing Bucket List

Find out who Jake Paul recently added to his growing boxing bucket list.