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UFC 188: Velasquez and Werdum Battle for Place in Lineal Title History Books

Hello there lineal title fans! This Saturday, the UFC puts on another PPV event chalk full with lineal title action. You’ll hear a lot about the unification of the UFC belts: Champion vs Champion –...


List of violent offenders

Looking for some help in a research project. Brent Brookhouse posted a list of MMA fighters charged with domestic violence. He did so "off the top of his head". Can anyone think of any other names...

Rice provides opportunity for MMA fan reflection


Ray Rice might well be done with football after footage of him knocking out his wife came to light but Thiago Silva is back in the UFC despite texting death threats to his wife and a standoff with...


The WSOF Roster

World Series of Fighting has come a long way in a short time. Since it's 2012 inception, Sig Rogich, Ray Sefo, and Ali Abdel-Aziz have secured a broadcast deal with NBC Sports Network,...


Can we stop pretending the WSOF is a real promotion now?

Don't get me wrong. I like WSOF. I do.....ok, I don't. I really don't. I never have. Now, I like some of the fighters who have or still fight for them, and some of the fights they've put on. But as...