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Fight Archives: Baroni smashes Suloev after eating illegal knee


A tribute to the one and only New York Badass.

The first man to hit a Suloev Stretch in a UFC fight, Kenny Robertson, reflects on ripping hammies


Kenny Robertson is a Suloev Stretch expert, having used the move during his collegiate days wrestling at Eastern Illinois and later tapping Brock Jardine with it at UFC 157. What did he think about...

Feature: The UFC champ and the Dublin gangsters 


Karim Zidan delves into the interesting relationship between UFC champion Conor McGregor and the infamous Irish drug gang known as the Kinahan Cartel.

UFC vet turned alleged contract killer dead at 40


Amar Suloev passed away on June 27 following a battle with stage four stomach cancer.

Eye witnesses vouch for UFC vet turned alleged contract killer


Karim Zidan details the latest plot twist in the Amar Suloev contract killer story.