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MMA Rundown for January 12th-14th, 2018


A handful of events to get the new year started.

UFC 15.5 Ultimate Japan - 6th Round Retro post-fight show


Eddie Mercado is joined by Victor Rodriguez to recap the historic UFC 15.5 Ultimate Japan card from December 21, 1997. Including Randy Couture’s 1st HW belt, Frank Shamrock capturing the inaugural...

The latest chapter in Alberto Del Rio’s life is being an MMA executive


The wrestler formerly known as Alberto Del Rio has gone from nephew of a cultural icon, to an Olympic hopeful in wrestling, to an unlikely MMA fighter, to a pro wrestling superstar. His next act is...


25 Best Fighters Who Never Fought in the UFC

I Was listening to a podcast from several weeks ago where Bas Rutten was discussing, among many other things, how important it is for fighters to fight in the UFC because, as he put it, the UFC is...

Snowden, Kidd on the +'s & -'s of UFC Fight Pass


Kid Nate is joined by Jonathan Snowden and Iain Kidd to discuss the UFC Fight Pass security issues, library, launch and other pros and cons.