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Rickson Gracie asserts having ‘at least’ 450 fights that he ‘never lost’


Rickson Gracie explains his fabled 450-0 fight record and reveals the one ‘epic’ fight that slipped away from him.

Rickson Gracie says it’s ‘hard for people to deny’ his 450-0 record, reveals the one ‘epic fight’ that got away


Rickson Gracie claims to have won over 450 matches in combat sports. In fact, he said it’s fair to double that figure.

MMA, jiu-jitsu legends honored with walk of fame in Rio de Janeiro


Rio de Janeiro finally has a place to pay homage to martial arts legends from the past and present.

25 years later, Wallid Ismail and Renzo Gracie could rematch in a MMA cage — or in a street fight


Wallid Ismail and Renzo Gracie engaged in a social media war in recent days, and now they want to fight each other.

MMA Depressed-us #2: Mir vs. CroCop


Zane Simon & Connor Ruebusch are back with another non-fight week offering. This week we're looking at Frank Mir vs. Mirko CroCop, Mark Kerr vs. Hugo Duarte, and Josh Burkman vs. KJ Noons.