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PRIDE 1 Retrospective - A New Era Dawns


When Kakutougi Revolutionary Spirits held their inaugural event in Tokyo, Japan on October 11, 1997 the Tokyo Dome was the furthest thing from my mind. In fact as a college student at the time...


Fight Prose: Pride FC 1 & 2

It is October 11th, 1997. Bill Clinton is in the White House. Ryutaro Hashimoto is the Prime Minister of Japan. The Florida Marlins win the pennant. The Yakult Swallows take the Japan Series....

PRIDE FC 1: 6th Round Retro post-fight show


Eddie Mercado is joined by Fraser Coffeen to recap the PRIDE Fighting Championships’ inaugural event from October 11, 1997 complete with analysis and results for the entire card.


Newman on: PRIDE 1

-Shill time, dude. Basically I've been reviewing MMA now since 2004 (!) and have over 500 shows archived including most of the UFC shows, all of the PRIDE shows, and a ton more over at The Oratory....

OSMMA Review Awards: Best Event Ever


What was the best old school UFC event ever (from 1993-1996)? Vote in the OSMMA Review Awards and tell us what your favorite show was!