Onassis Parungao

UFC vet who competed in MMA in 1995. Parungao entered the octagon a black belt in Hung Gar and Taiji Kung Fu with a background in Tung Kong Kalan, wrestling, and Judo. He entered the UFC after finding frustration with the point systems in most martial arts tournaments, and his tendency to get DQ'd for excessive aggression. He fought three times in 1995, winning his one UFC appearance and going 1-1 in an Absolute Fighting Championship one-night tournament before getting married and retiring from MMA to start a family. Outside of martial arts, he is best known for his role of Onassis Sweeps in the 2004 Kung-Fu movie Kwoon. He also does Hung Gar seminars and instruction at his Cheng Yee Kung Fu School in Connecticut.

Fighter Stats

Height 5' 11"
Weight 201 lbs
Place of birth United States