Paul Varelans

UFC vet who competed in MMA from 1995 to 1998. Varelans was born in Fairbanks, Alaska, and was a successful high school wrestler before making his way to California and San Jose State University to play football. He left the University in 1991, and only a few years later would make his first MMA appearance at UFC 6. His Martial Arts background was listed as "trap fighting." Described as the art of baiting your opponent and then trapping them, it could more reliably be explained as the art of clinch fighting. While I don't doubt that Varelans had some level of martial arts training (beyond his wrestling career) trap fighting sounds like something the UFC made up to give him more legitimacy. It was something they did often as their events slowly skewed towards muscled brawlers and away from black belts. After his fighting career ended Varelans took a job as a bouncer in the Kit Kat Club, a strip club in Sunnyvale, California. After the club closed several years ago, he returned to Fairbanks, Alaska, where he is rumored to be working as an MMA official among other odd jobs.

Fighter Stats

Nickname "The Polar Bear"
Height 6' 8"
Weight 300 lbs.
Place of birth Fairbanks, Alaska, USA