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Taktarov: Real UFC championships ended in the 90s


UFC 6 tournament winner Oleg Taktarov offers his thoughts on the UFC’s current format and why he believes the "real" UFC ended years ago.

OSMMA Review Awards: Best Event Ever


What was the best old school UFC event ever (from 1993-1996)? Vote in the OSMMA Review Awards and tell us what your favorite show was!

Roundtable 1: Why aren't there any new UFC stars?


The Bloody Elbow staff gives the opinions on why the new breed of fighters aren't connecting with fans the same way as the superstars of the last generation. Part one of two.

1995: Tank's pirate booty and "The Beast"


In 1995, while the UFC was happily embracing the lawless landscape of No Hold's Barred fighting, Dan Severn was cracking jokes and skulls (often at the same time).